• So, this is fucked up, my parents are canceling Netflix, the reason, they are allowing shows that support fucking pedophilia, I agree 100.0%! No way on Heaven, Earth, or Hell am I supporting a site that is as fucking screwed as that!

    I mean, who the fuck supports pedophilia, minus pedo's!? I swear, our world is handing ourselves over to the Reaper in a fucking pink, primp, and bow tied hand basket!

    Reply and please up vote me if you agree. - A.A.

  • @veitak Big Mouth, Michael, Gone Baby Gone, The Hunt, The Lovely Bones, etc.

  • None of those support pedophilia. some are stories that deal with the subject of pedophilia. they are meant to be taken seriously and you're not supposed to be on the pedophiles side, also in one of them, the person accused of being a pedophile is falsely accused and is struggling with that accusation. Your parents didn't look close enough at the stories, or they're just immature and can't handle very sensitive subject matters.

  • @veitak Haha, if your gonna call someone immature, it's me, not my parents, you don't know them either, so shush. https://www.meetup.com/ny-tech/messages/22699592/?_cookie-check=UAT3jArxh6u3SxyA

  • @veitak scratch that. it does have to do with pedophilia, but it's more of a complicated story. it does not say that pedophilia is good. it's telling a story between a pedophile and his victim.

  • @veitak Kk, thanks for not being a asshole. 🙂

  • i think i know why they cancel it....netflix and chill,they were worry about that XD

  • @danteakabrandon Lol, we rarely use it anyway, but that's not the reason. Though I was a bit disappointed, my favorite series, Dragon Edge, was on there. There is a new season and I told that to my dad about a week ago, before he found out about the series Big Mouth, and he said I couldn't watch it anymore. ;-; I really, really enjoy that series, it's the only thing I usually watch on Netflix.

  • what shows on netflix support pedophilia? Just curious.

  • @anonymousangel I read the plot summary and it had nothing to do with pedophilia. I might watch it to see if it's a movie just completely saying "pedophilia is good" or is a complicated story.

  • @anonymousangel guess i will be now that you say that. authors tell stories. some stories are about terrible subjects and will show you things that you are not okay with. these stories will make you uncomfortable and that is the point. these stories do not say that their subject is something to be supported. if you want to write stories, i suggest you understand this important concept.

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