• First you need to find one I found mine and to this day i was never more
    scared of a creature in my life. She had a t shirt that had a picture of a
    penis being dragged across a cheese grater its a for sign we got
    ourselves a anit wiener live feminist! I walked right up to her and said
    "I forbid you to go fix me a sandwich! She had no clue on what to do
    smoke began coming out her ears and i never saw again after
    that night. But i still sometimes hear that familiar sound of her
    cackling and doing ungodly things to the penis.

  • You can't beat them , most of them are already irreversibley brainwashed and conditioned by this chaotic society to belive that all man are chauvinist pigs.
    Don't waste your time on trying to repair damage goods , instead focus on finding a traditional/conservative aka normal woman :)!!!