• Watch Anime Eyes

    2020 is right around the corner, what will it bring? Who knows!
    The 2010s have been interesting times, each year unique. So I want to ask everyone on TWS the following questions!

    • Who do you thank for this decade? Friends, family, lovers, celebrities, etc..
    • What were the worst parts of this decade?
    • What are your proudest achievements of this decade? Anything you think is an achievement, is an achievement. Big or small, as long as you're proud.
    • What "plot twists" have happened to you this decade?

    And, finally...

    • What are your resolutions for the next decade?

    Whether you answer all of them or a few of them is up to you, I just want to hear what people think of this passing decade.

  • Chocolate Lovers ;)

    @RussianBlue this past decade has had its ups and downs, but the experience in facing so many adversities is irreplaceable n i know it will help me for the decade to come. All thanks is due to God for leading me through the way and for blessing me with great friends and family to support me as well 👍🏻

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