• I feel like this answer varies from time to time, depending on what’s happening in the world and at where I am in life not to mention.
    ..I want to travel EVERYWHERE; Hawaii, Iceland, Vietnam, Korea, Jamaica, Nigeria, you name it. But one very specific place I want to go to is Kashmir.
    That’s where my «forfathers» ate from, but non of my reaktivere live there anymore. I’ve always felt a connection to Kashmir. The nature there is beautiful and so are the people. And because of the political situation, my heart breaks for Kashmir. I hope India & Pakistan can just let Kashmir be and that I’ll get to visit one day.
    When India got split up in 1947, my great grandparents had to leave their house on the «India-side». I don’t even know if that house exists anymore, but one day I also hope to find that house or the area where the house once stood. I feel like that’s part of my history to, even though I was born and raised in ..x..〈another country〉
    We can travel almost anywhere, but I think spiritual and self-exploring travels can give us something more. I dunno. Just thinking out loud.

  • Faryall, that was very well thought out and spoken. Very impressive to see someone both educate and comment on this topic. Thank you for sharing.

  • @Faryall No Peace in Region Until
    KASHMIR issue is resolved ...

    Kashmiri Wants Freedom UN Resolution
    Calling for Referendum on Kashmir 1947

    Your dream will come true one day believe me.

  • I would go to China... Japan....Africa... Go on Safari.... Many places i want to see but China is at the top of my list... I love the fashion, Dragons, the architecture of land, buildings structures, i would like to walk visit many location engulfing their natural nature and beauty.

  • I would travel to the only place I know I would want to be, in the arms of my love,, god I miss her..

  • @AXES ..hope it ain't your guitar,again,..😂🤦‍♂️

  • Well even if you go anywhere in world but u will never as feel comfortable as you would feel in your home where u are surrounded by your ture love you mom dad and brothers and s5

  • @Mani12 Italy. Good beaches, good bitches, even better food, beautiful architecture, places to see.
    P.S the post is old, but ironically there is nothing to respond to apart from this one.