• Technically this issue didn't start from gaming. Back in June I was chilling with my brother(not blood related I consider him a brother) and his friends smoking weed. I was sitting on the floor indian style went to push myself up off the floor when the top of my wrist popped and had a sharp pain go down my arm which then made my hand go out from under me because I couldn't feel it for a few minutes. Yada yada yada here we are months later still have pain when it's bent down or up mostly up hurts the most. My doctor says the x-ray showed no bone issue so she thinks it's carpal tunnel and I may need surgery on it.

    Either way it has not stopped me from gaming it actually doesn't hurt to game or type just when it's bent. All in all even if I get surgery I will continue to game because why not? I am not good at doing thing's to stop me from causing further damage. I feel maybe it's more of a ligament or tendon issue than anything.

    Point being the pain sucks but do whatever makes you happy.


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