• why the girls act somewhat rude when a stranger message her to just to have a talk even if the other person is a nice guy???

  • @sameersaifi When you say rude, what do you mean? Ignoring you? Being outright abusive?

  • @Matt_Aranha i mean they just dont like to talk to strangers.
    All strangers are not bad some can understand their feelings ......

  • @sameersaifi What you need to keep in mind is that women and girls are often flooded with a hundred messages or more every day from different strangers across various sites. That does not mean they do not want to talk to anyone, but it does mean they cannot possibly filter through them all answering the ones which are actually vaguely respectful and offer more than a simple "hey how are you" or similar on the offchance that person might be someone they can make a decent and genuine connection with - nor should they have to. They are under no obligation.

    If you are sincere and just want to talk/make friendships but are not getting any positive responses, you have to ask yourself why when you are the common factor. Are you explaining what it is about that user that made you want to message them? Why you find them interesting and think you will get along? Or are you leaving them to do all the guesswork as to who you are and why you are messaging them? What tells them you are not just another one of the 90+% trying to get nudes or sexting and they should give their time to you?

    I'm not implying that you aren't a decent guy or making any assumptions at all... hopefully just giving you things to think about re how you come across and what people owe strangers who land randomly in their inbox.