Most men are what women make them. " Even a bad man in love is better than his wont."

  • Agreed? Any thoughts on this subject?

  • Wait......I was gonna answer this but I don't wanna get this in the wrong interpretation can you go further into what you meant yes call me an idiot if you must but better to be honest then make the mistake.

  • @Spooks_Uno Certainly, if a man's life is not fortunate enough to be influenced by a good wife, the next best thing for him is to escape the influence of a bad one. Women are the influencers in the ear of her husband. If she encourages him correctly, he will walk straight

  • @frencha One, wow that was very detailed which I enjoyed reading also it sounded very formal as if it was a poem or a story. Also okay so then I will agree that men are what women make them cause me being a man myself ( 13 so not really a man but that doesn't matter right now ) I have seen the way my relationships have changed the way I have talked, reacted, treated, and acted around women completely.

  • @Spooks_Uno Exactly. They are in reality, your closest confidante, in which you tell all your secrets, and who knows your heart best. A woman's power is her influence, to which men, will sit and listen to for hours, depending on how well she reads his heart.