• Hello, well I'm new here & dont know how this works. I was having a bad day & needed a place to spill. Basically, I feel horrible because I have been neglecting my health & now I'm feeling abdominal pain, numbness, sweaty, & other things. You're probably wondering why I dont just go to the hospital? Well, to be honest I will have to tell my parents & my whole family will not only worry, but then they will have to waste so much money on me. I knew I was having problems for a long time, but I hoped I could fix it or maybe get a job soon & go see a doctor alone. This whole thing started because I started despising life & everything about this crazy world. I let the negativity get to me. I was in a darker place then. Now I want to be able to live life because I now have someone I want to watch grow & I want to see my brothers again & I also want to spend more time with my whole family like in the past. I dont want to be a burden, but I guess that's too late. All I've ever wanted was to make my family & all those who believed in me, proud. I just want my life back.

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