What's your favorite Massively Multiplayer Online game?

  • Mine is Secondlife,a virtual world similar to the sims where you can make real money from a virtual economy if you have knowledge of how to create 3D mesh objects like clothing etc. and sell to other players.

  • How can you make real money from second life can you please explain??
    Are there any other easy way to earn money while games???

    I love CS, red alert,

  • @emily You have to be a content creator. Do you have experience with 3D design? Have you used CAD(Computer Aided Design) Applications to draw or create 3D objects? Then Secondlife is the right MMO for you to put your skills towards earning real life money. The currency called Lindens in Secondlife can be converted back into USD. Currently, 1 USD=250 lindens according to their exchange rate . You earn lindens from the virtual businesses you set up in the world of secondlife. If you are a clothing designer or you make body parts(yeah that's a thing) The amount of sales you get from the products you make in free applications like Blender or a proprietary software like Maya 3D or Marvelous Designer will determine whether it can provide a good income from this exchange rate.

  • @bunyonb I would like to play WoW. I would have played it, if not for my potato pc.

  • @sir-devil Mine is a little bit better than potato when i set it to low specs.

  • @emily just discovered xy gaming if ur looking to play Mobas......u can earn ingame purchasable items,amazon gift card or steam money just by playing ranked games.....but there seem to be only Mobas like dota lol and smite right now.Also they do daily steam games giveaway for free

  • Gamers

    I used to play Guild Wars, because I hate the pay as you go model. On mobile I still play a game called Avakin Life from time to time to chat to people.

  • Gamers

    League of legends without a doubt just love it , although i also like CS

  • Gamers

    I love mmorpgs. It's hard to pick just one! Does anyone want to play elder scrolls online by any chance?

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