• There may be instances that one may look alone but never lonely. Do you know why? That's because we have ourselves. We can talk to ourselves, actually. Therefore, one can never be called lonely. Loneliness never really exists. Alone, yes. This exists, indeed. It is being alone that one can truly understand and get to know oneself more. This is because you, yourself, only knows what your strengths and weaknesses truly are. And so, never pity yourself when you are alone, since someone is always there for you. One of them is your soul, the most precious gem you posses. Smile :) You look beautiful/handsome if you always wear that on your face.

  • Hello I'd like to talk if you'd like we have the same age if the makes you more comfortable

  • I can talk with you, it seems you're an anime fan, so am I! Would be pleased to be friends with you!

  • Lol sometimes I am

  • hey feling too lonely need someone to talk... please no pervs
    any one up for a chit chat ?? really need someone to share feelings any one lonely as me ?

  • @Eliza16 what's ur age?

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