• How tall is Michael Myers?

  • Tall enough to make you run, but not short enough to make you laugh...so, about average?

  • way too tall

  • 63

    Actually, Michaels height changed many times throughout the series: In Halloween 1, he is played mostly by Nick Castle, who is 510 (or 60 at the most). In Halloween 2, Dick Warlock, at 59 (or 510 at the most), played Michael Myers. Upon his return in Halloween 4, Michael was played by George P. Wilbur, increasing his height to 62/63. In Halloween 5, he is played by Don Shanks, who is around the height of 63/64. In Halloween 6, he is played again by George P. Wilbur, whos height has already been mentioned. In Halloween H20, Chris Durand, who is at the height of 62, plays as Michael. In Halloween Resurrection, Michael is played by Brad Loree, who is 62. And finally, in Rob Zombies Halloween and Halloween 2, Michael is played by Tyler Mane who is 69.