• There are supposedly 3 distinctly different versions of this song. I know of only 2. Take #4 which is the reportedly last recorded version. That's the one that wound up on the Rubber Soul album in '65. And the earlier Take #1, which was eventually released on one of the Anthology CDs. So, what's the 3rd version? Another take recorded but abandoned between those takes? Info or audio appreciated!

  • @Lazz
    according to wikipedia, they did another take after the first one, but were disappointed with the result and scrapped it. i guess it hasn't been made available yet, which is sad, because even their outtakes are better than most released music, as the anthology proves lol

  • @sarah_the_magpie I figured there were takes #2 & #3, and it was likely one of those. Hasn't turned up, yet, at least not that I can find. And I'm pretty good at tracking things down, online. I know I have handy the Purple Chick bootleg, and that doesn't have other takes. It's going to drive me nuts for a while. And thanks for the Wiki info! ;)

  • @sarah_the_magpie On a somewhat related note: Beatles Abbey Road 50th Anniversary coming soon!

  • @Lazz
    if you're good at tracking songs down, perhaps you could be the first person to track down "carnival of light". it's like a beatles track made during their psychedelic years that has never ever been released. oh how lovely it would be to hear it~

    also, 50th anniversary indeed! what's your favorite abbey road track?

  • @sarah_the_magpie Carnival Of Light isn't to be found. Quite possibly no master exists, anymore. Still like to hear that, one day, though, even if it is just an "art piece" and supposedly doesn't contain any real music. I'd guess a lot like Revolution #9, so...eh. Something is my fave. But then I've always been a Harrison fan. What's yours?

  • @Lazz
    yeah, i'm pretty confident that it's just 10 minutes of acid-fueled nonsense, but i'd still love it. "something" is a great choice! you're probably going to laugh, but i like "octopus's garden" the most. such of an innocent, sweet & pure song :D i also like it because it sounds like a track off "pet sounds", which is my fav 60's album

  • @sarah_the_magpie Not laughing. Octopus's Garden is a great fun song. And a Ringo vocal, too. Ehhh...I really have to be in the mood for Pet Sounds. Don't get me wrong, it's a classic, but I'd probably put on Smile, or Smiley Smile, or the Smile Session, or whichever other iteration of that album, before reaching for Pet sounds. Good Vibrations, Heroes and Villains, etc.
    Also, I doubt Carnival Of Light was all The Beatles. My guess is it was a project John threw together, himself, since there was a rush, and the others weren't (that) interested. And though it may have been intended for the acid crowd, I doubt whichever Beatle or Beatles were tripping while creating/recording it. There are "recreations" of Carnival done up by people who say they heard it, and if the real Carnival is at all anything like that, then pretty much another Revolution #9 and that is my least favorite Beatle recording, of all.

  • @Lazz
    yeah, i understand, "pet sounds" has a very unique sound and it's definitely something you have to be in the mood for. it's like pure 100% unfiltered pop music

    agreed, i'm pretty sure that "carnival of light" isn't probably going to be a very good song, or it might not even be a "song" at all. my money's on it sounding similar to "what's the new mary jane", which is my least favorite beatles song :D john is my favorite beatle, but oh wow could he produce crappy music at times. it's very weird to think that "strawberry fields forever" and "revolution #9" were written by the same guy, merely two years apart

  • @sarah_the_magpie From the information I was able to gather over the years, Carnival was pretty much analogous to Revolution #9. Not an actual song. From what's been written about it, and from the "recreations" and fakes that have floated around the web, that's my best guess. For an actual Beatles song that hadn't been previously released my fave would be Christmas Time Is Here Again, but not the shortened version included in Anthology. There are stereo versions that are 6 minutes plus, and sound really good. What's The New Mary Jane is another track that has many bootleg versions around. The longest tops 6 minutes, also, if memory serves. Keep in mind, though, Carnival and Revolution #9 were just sound collages, not actual songs, by any means, IF the info regarding Carnival is correct. I have only heard a supposed small clip of it, but can't authenticate.

  • @Lazz
    now where in the world did you get the full-length version of "christmas time is here again"? i've never listened to that one, i only know of the shortened version :(

  • @sarah_the_magpie 01 Christmas Time (Is Here Again) Complete.mp3 Been online quite a while. I've had some good sources that came and went over time. Here's a file for you, not the stereo one, but one of the longer versions.

  • @Lazz
    thanks for sharing it! such of a lovely song :) makes me feel like i'm at a party and the beatles are just casually performing & having fun right next to me

  • @sarah_the_magpie Well, glad you enjoyed. I have the other one, stereo, and the only real difference is near the end each Beatle gives his own Christmas hello. When I turn that one up I'll post it for you