Do you think ISLAM is a religion of terrorism ?

  • @eliminator not all Muslims are terrorists but the vast majority(99%) of terrorists are muslim

  • @muslim said in Do you think ISLAM is a religion of terrorism ?:

    @alwaysstranger yeah maybe my english is my 3rd language so its bad how about franch u sick fk ... can u spel a word ?

    Oui en fait, je parle 4 langues couramment et en français on l'épelle 'science' comme en anglais.

    fk off bro are too fking stupid to understand that god exist ...hh " SCIENCE" you say ? hhhhh fk off

    The guy who doesn't believe in science is calling me stupid whilst using bad English, should i feel bad, or should i feel bad for you?

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    @tazzyyy said in Do you think ISLAM is a religion of terrorism ?:

    @thestrangest Who told you it means submission? Because whoever did obviously does not know what they're talking about. I speak arabic, and Islam is derived from the word Salaam which means Peace.

    No one told me shit. I am syrian and an ex-muslim. Salaam means peace but Islam does not necissarely come from Salaam, you could say that it does but originally it comes from Islam with an accent on the i which means Submission... to allah for example.

    What's your proof that Islam is violent?

    I am too tired for this just read my previous posts. If you see a guy named 'guest' who is against islam, that is me but i deleted my previous account. Infact 30% of the replies here are from me so you can just go to the first page and enjoy. It is almost 2 AM here and i need to sleep

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    I think Islam is a very peaceful religion. I know this because I have many Muslim friends. Islam is only presented as a religion of terrorism on the media because some Muslims decided to make bad choices, going against what the religion stands for. Not all Muslims are that way.

  • i don't think so, if you review history many religion have a period of "terrorism", Catholicism it's not the exception the holy war, the holy inquisition, murders, the only difference is that before it was not called terrorism. the problem I think is the misinterpretation that they give to their own book

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    No religion actually teaches us to hurt someone. The religion is spoiled by its contractor so called maulana, priest , etc. Religion is a lifestyle of living. Any bigotry of any type is harmful. In Islam due to huge population and more religious bigotry some people misleads people in wrong direction. Islamic people are generally are less educated as compare to other religion because of their population. Due to which they are easy to mislead. This is my point of view and I am Hindu.

  • @muslim No

  • The doctrine itself is very dangerous when intrepreted in it's original form. But hopefully muslims can reform it to make it compatible with the modern social landscape, muslims themselves aren't very dangerous but the quran has some very dangerous ideas in it.

  • @how-to-make-a what is ur religion?

  • @how-to-make-a Yes. Reading this thread made me angry due to the fact that nobody had fully debunked these heathens beliefs.

    Eitherway, I'm still mad at you for not doing what I did. At least you know the truth.

  • Of course. Islam will be the reason to ww3! Believe me

  • @how-to-make-a mate, you are out of your mind, you are over complicating things!

    Menstruation is a natural phenomena. and woman are not clean during their periods its a fact. And you should not have had secx or anything like that during that time.

    I don't understand why you are beating the bush! Its simple thing!

    Dont stuff your head with the things you dont understand, get married and you will know what i am talking about !

  • For God sake it's not. Islam didn't teach it. Terrorism have no religion. It just a sick people who brought the name of Islam in the wrong way. People's who act like understand it Muslim must be a terrorism, it's not, they understand it in the wrong hole. That's why it called knowledge of "Radicalisme" or whatever it is. Like any others religion, Islam teach for patient, caring each others in diversity, teach them if they wrong (but if they won't, it's they decision, respect it!), and tell them with good mind, not the harsh way. It's someone business, person decision, person life, not a others business. It's up to them what to believe for their life, it's their life, how he/she run his/her own life. God can judge later, it's written in Quran. "What's your believe it's yours, what's my believe is mine". That's all. #piece

  • @how-to-make-a there's some. Do a good, stay away from a bad things. like one of user was replied here. So if you think Islam is horrible, leave it, you have your own choice and decision. what makes Islam is horrible is the people who threat and applied the religion itself. So, if you say so, that's what "your's", not "mine". Good day. Don't brought the religion or private stuff to the public chat (or onoine services) so there's no "keyboard war" happened. Let us be respectful each others. Good day.

  • @sarah you can't justify the other SEXIST verses. But you're denying that you're religion is sexist. you can't justify all of the homophobic verses But you're denying that you're religion is homophobic. you can't justify all of the violent verses But you're denying that you're religion is violent. You can't justify why such a big number of muslims think that exmuslims should be killed But you're telling me that i have no reason to attack islam.

    I'm tired from this conversation. You people are in denial.

  • @some1inlalaland just read my big ass comment because all my responses to you're bullshit claims are there. And when you're done reading, tell me what you think

  • @how-to-make-a It's because their mind was brainwashed and think not clearly. Because Islam has more restricted, that doesn't mean terrorism happened. It's up to the people who doing it, not the religion. So, if you say so, if you don't believe in God, and all religions don't teach the same things, that's what "your's". If you care with world peaces, fight it for a good, fight for terrorism, not blame all the stuff to religion, it's not gonna stop it. The people who do it, it must be stop. So, have a good time, enjoy your life, care to people who care you, just be respectful. That's all.

  • @some1inlalaland totally agree with you!

    This guy is just acting crazy, he is not thinking logically!

    Stop blaming your religion or others religion, correct your own mistake and correct the mistakes of the people not their religions! Coz u have no idea what everyone story is.

  • @how-to-make-a if it your thought, if it your believe, if you hold it, then it's yours. not all people mind is same, buddy. Have a good day. ^^


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