• Somehow, the LGBTQ+ crowd decided to assume that Frozen's Elsa character was a lesbian. They even took Elsa's "Let It Go" song as her coming out. However they connected those dots is beyond me. Seems kind of a stretch. They started an online campaign to convince Disney to give Elsa a girlfriend in the upcoming Frozen 2 movie. Apparently to push the LGBTQ+ agenda & narrative. Disney declined. For several rational reasons. What's your take? Opinions welcome

  • Disney is very unimaginative, isn't it? If it had to make a load of Star Wars films that used exactly the same Stormtroopers, TIE fighters and X-Wings as thirty years ago, there's no way it's got the imagination to show lesbianism.

    Probably just get your kids to watch Blue is the Warmest Colour, or Room in Rome, or Bound.

  • @Indrid-Cold As it turns out Disney has it's back against the wall, as far as anything Homosexual in any of their movies. They want the revenue from movie sales worldwide, and especially CHINA, and the Chinese have a strict NO GAY policy, for movies allowed to be shown there, currently. Disney complies, since millions of dollars would be potentially lost, if they didn't.

  • @Lazz Weird isn't? All those years China had rules controlling population size, you'd think they'd big up the gayness, because it'd mean fewer babies (I guess?)

  • @Indrid-Cold I'd think along those same lines. But whether or not Gay Is OK (!) or not, I still wouldn't want to see ANY Disney characters "getting their gay on" on screen. So, thank you China, (and Disney) at least for that

  • @Lazz Agree strongly. Keep the wains away from any sexual content for as long as poss, I say. To be honest, I'm 41, and the whole sex business is just aggro.

  • @Indrid-Cold China may be onto something, then, for at least staying out of SOME of all that, if only the bits they don't agree with