Depression or not

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    Feeling low n shit see a phycologist, talk
    Life's being ruined see a shrink, drugs

    Just caught this thread. There's a big difference between clinical depression and and feeling low, being run down, and generally having that I give up feeling.
    As long as you got routine in your life you can bet your not depressed yet, sure doctors are running around with Prozac, Zoloft, valaflaxien(sp) and handing them out like candy but there is a diffrence,. In the last revision of the big book of crazy the changed the definition of depression to a low feeling that last more than 2 weeks, I think it's a joke, somebody died close to you, marriage break up things like that leave you feeling like shit for ages but that perfectly natural, not depression imo.
    When you loose routine then your depressed. When you don't get up, don't shower, don't eat etc etc because you basically the living dead then your depressed and need real assistance.
    If your feeling down go talk to a phycologist, it can help, well it does a lot of people but I doubt it's a chemical imbalance that's the root of it.
    I'm currently bitching at my shrink cause the dumb fuck has me on Prozac again and it has no effect, antidepressants have never had any effect on me because I'm not depressed. The antipsychotic and mood stabilisers have an effect so I begrudgingly take them (half what they want me too because I like the voices and too much turns you into a zombie) but she is insistent that I take all 3 due to the scitzoaffective disorder diagnosis they gave me.
    Shits over prescribed and it needs to stop oi Hu

  • I'm certain God didn't give you this disease unless your boyfriend is God, which isn't likely. I'm also certain everyone would agree you certainly have a valid reason to be depressed. What happened to you was the fault of your unfaithful boyfriend, who obviously didn't deserve your loyalty. It's completely on him and what he did was truly selfish, thoughtless and he clearly thinks more of himself than is necessary. Some posted good advice was to get some professional help or therapy to help you through this and to allow time for you to get your perspective back. What he did can make you feel bad and worthless, but only if you let it. What he did was about his lack of self-control and not about you.

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