• Here's a fun topic. What're some of the incorrect things that mail order companies --eBay, Amazon, etc-- have sent you in error ...and how did you handle it? Were you like, 'Meh', or did you get all passive-aggressive BECAUSE YOU'RE HUMAN?

    I ask because part of my job is to clear up industrial-size mix-ups, as in, whole artics-worth of the wrong item --and weirdly, the punter on the other end is a lot more chill than I was when I received a DVD of Night of the Living Dead 1968 instead of Night of the Living Dead 1990 from some schlub on eBay.

    Did you have a row? Or did you just let it go? Life is too short to go nuts over the getting the wrong thing from a mail order company. Unless you enjoy going nuts., or just ..need... to go nuts.

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