what would you do if you were rejected by your biological father

  • I am in my 30s and found out three weeks ago that the man who raised me is not my biological father my mum was devastated for me but we are ok I am determined to not let this effect the amazing relationship we have but that is SO difficult after the conversation I had with my "biological father" today I was so distraught and annoyed I hung up on him after asking three questions they were

    1- have you told your kids about me ( they are older then me I would say in their 40s)
    2- do you plan on telling them
    3- do you want to know anything about me or ask any questions

    needless to say the answers to all three were a big fat NO and as much as I tried to prepare myself for the past weeks I am left a mess I have kids of my own I can just not understand why a parent would not want to know their blood

    what would you do because I am at the point now that I haven't told my kids as I dont want to explain all this to them just for them to be rejected too

  • id feel hurt, definitely. would probably question my worth, if why maybe i wasnt good enough for him to be part of his life. feel the pain, be angry, mourn for the 'father' id never had and say 'if he doesnt want me, then fck him. ill be so much better without him' and continue as much as possible in doing what i do before i found out who he is. you live without him for 30 years, i believe and hoping that you, with the people that you currently have right now, is or will be strong enough to live another 30 years without him.

  • @khai wow, such great words. I agree with you...

  • Just stop giving a fuck. Who cares live your life

  • @alwaysstranger unfortunately I can not just "stop giving a fuck" when there are thing like... family medical history that actually effect me sure I can stick my head in the sand and pretend everything is fine and dandy what does that achieve besides putting it in the too hard basket for it to be dumped in my lap another time

  • @missnobody so what are you going to do? I just think that you should be composed and stoic about the whole situation. Here's a fun video:


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