Some guys I swear to god!!

  • well you some guys can be totally f**** well i hope u find some good guy and i apologize from the side of good guys

  • @AmyLancaster flag them. It is then mods duty to investigate about that. And probably at this time of year most of the mods are giving exams. Plus yeah some are reluctant but you can always seek help from others

  • Soul Searchers

    @Lector46 Sorry to hear that man. I really wish things weren't that way, but for the most part, even the people who make it work from what I've seen money, and principles always get in the way. Can't find a partner who will just be with you unconditionally. You either have to appease them by doing what they want, or give them worldly things to make it work. No one is going to take you by the hand, and walk through hell with you, and comfort you through it all except for Jesus. If anything we all just get in each others way. I wish things were different, but it is what it is.


  • @Nish-Kosta thank you

  • @AmyLancaster you've also experienced this then?

  • @Erin722 no need dear🥰

  • @AmyLancaster I 100% agree. It's awful

  • Watch Anime Eyes

    @Erin722 wtf🤣🤣🤣 block them 🤣

  • Btw everyone can restrict there chatsto only those who they follow. This means those who you follow can message you and ask for nudes and call you whore

  • @Erin722 people still make “kys” jokes? lol it’s 2019 people gotta grow up.
    and please don’t feel sad, when they does that. guys who does that are d-heads. they are not worth your time. you are worthy, you deserve a real man. a real kind man.☝🏻💛

  • dont swear thats illigal

  • Just had kind of the same thing happen to me. I meat this real nice girl online we had a couple of real nice dates. Then on date 3 she came home with me the next morning she wanted me to get her a Amazon gift card for some some things then after a couple more nights she wanted to go look at cars so we did then that night she ask me if I would help her buy one a SS Camaro. Well she didn't even have a job so after we talked a while about it I told here she could just Drive my Vett and now I hardly ever drove it anyway and I would just drive my F-450 Truck which I drive most of the time anyway. Well she was staying at my house and saying all the right things hell I thought we where a couple you know so this morning she ask for $400.00 and I gave it to her. Well at lunch time I went to Walmart and I seen her coming out of the GM side of Walmart on this guy's arm kissing him they then got in my car him behind the wheel and drove off. I tell you man my Hart just dropped so I just went home she showed up about 6:30 and almost the first thing I hit her up about what I had seen and man I was told I was controlling S.O.B. how sorry I was, and how much she hated me. She then called a girlfriend packed her shit and left. I hate to admit it but I love her she is so very pretty and kind or she was always so loving until tonight and God I miss her so very much. I am just lost. I don't know what to do.
    I am sorry everyone but I just needed to talk. Anyway I will shut up.

  • @Lector46 listen man, lemme break it to you nice and slow, she’s not a kind person, if she did this to you, she’s a total bitch. She was just faking it so you can give her your whole fuckin savings (literally). She’s not worth being sad about. FUCK HER!

  • I know your right! But I have never found anyone that got in my head like her. I have dated girls sometimes for a year even one for two, and and others for months. I am not trying to say I have dated lots because I haven't but I have had like 4 girlfriends l really cared for it just didn't work out, when we broke up you know It wasn't good right at first. But this lady I am nuts over I love her. It hurts so bad I miss her bad I can smell her perfume in my bed I want to go get her more than anything. How do you get over that? How do you stop loving someone that much? Really I have never felt this way about anyone I love her so much. But then I don't know if I could ever fully trust her again. I don't know I am just afraid she is the one, and I may never find that again.

  • I hear you. I not going through this shit for someone that doesn't give a shit about me. And I know in inside it would change, or will she. Hay thanks for chatting. I will be hanging around from now on maybe we can talk sometime about something worth a shit.

  • Thanks again!!

  • @steelfirehawk
    I know that's right. It would never change or will she. Got to move on.
    Thanks for chatting. I will be hanging around so maybe we can talk again about something worth the time.

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