Life Itself

  • erin u r a reason why i live

  • No, there is no good reason to live. It is that simple.

  • Gamers

    @erin the reason to life is made by everyone him/herself. you need to find your reason to live. 😉

  • @erin You don't know about a thing unless you give a try. There is always tomorrow as long as you are alive and tomorrow stands for hope, hope to be changed present for something better outcome | Hopefully you will hold the courage to see that "tomorrow"

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  • Yes there is, but i cant force you to believe that. You have to see for yourself how beautiful life is - learn to appreciate everything you have, and dont worry about those you cant have for there is a reason for everything the universe does to you. Bear in mind, there are many people who can only wish to have what you have.

  • Oh course to meet and explore this gorgeous world

  • @erin cmon a young beautiful girl like yourself cant just give up.

  • Don't give up. Like the other dude said, explore it. Dreams are realities that haven't happened yet.

  • @erin Your right I may not know what your feeling but it hurts me deeply to see this at all. Tell me if you want what do you want the most right now?

  • @erin I can tell you right now my life was never perfect. Still isn't. But, I found my safe place and I'm happy. Find that and build from there

  • @erin Been there. Sometimes you have to stand still and let the world keep on running. Catch your breath.

  • @erin Stop trying to keep on running with the rest of the world. Stop pretending everything is ok. Let it out. Scream. Cry. Release how you feel. Being on here is a good start. Do it in real life too.

  • @erin Look, you may think I'm just on more that's here to tell you that you should not suicide because lofe os beautiful or worth living
    But I'm not
    Actually, I have nothing against suicide
    Having the will, and much more importantly, the freedom of choosing your death is a privilege for few. And I intend to walk this road myself oe day
    But only when I feel I've done enough
    Don't get me wrong, people are never satisfied with life, there's always something left to do, a new experience to try, and it's impossible to have everything
    I'm not here to stop you
    I am here to make sure you're doing the right decision
    Suicide must come in a time of fulfillment, when you know you the life you lived and are happy with, and not in a time of grief and suffering
    Isn't there anything left for to do?
    Any dream for you to accomplish?
    Any moon to dance beneath?
    Any food you wanted to eat?
    Any place you would like to go?
    And most important of all:
    Is this a good ending for your story?
    For it is YOUR story, and have to go the way you want
    Don't you want to see what type of person will you become?
    If you're good with of that, I say: go ahead
    If not I have a suggestion for you:
    Don't you wanna talk a little about what's happening with you?
    Don't you wanna to say everything to a person you don't care about (so it will have no consequences in your life)?
    Don't you wanna live a little more?
    -a Stranger

  • @erin These websites will do it. They see a weakness or an opportunity and pretend to be what you want. I met someone on KIK who shared my info with gay websites the whole nine yards. Protect yourself and be selective about the people you talk to. I don't mean not chat with ANYONE, but be aware people are not all like you or me.

  • @erin This person is selfish. They were using you. There is a lot of them out there. I've pretty much given up myself. I'm on here just to chat and mingle around.. Be friendly, like them, but keep them at a distance.

  • @erin and I think you this may be an excuse
    If you're so sure about that, there would be no reason for creating this topic
    I might completely wrong, but if you're here I think you may be still willing to give life a shot
    Oh and sorry for the horrible English, not a native speaker .-.

  • @erin Not stupid. Trusting people is not naive or stupid.

  • @erin well, what can I say?
    We're both people trying to find a way out of problems and ended up in a site full of people that only are here to send nudes
    You're not stupid, you're a little desperate
    And so is everyone else here, for whatever reason they are here

  • @erin Don't beat yourself up. Its hard enough going through this. I know its easier said than done and not meaning to be preachy, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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