I have lost my female friend from Turkey on Sunday March 17, 2019

  • I have lost my female friend from Turkey on Sunday March 17, 2019. She is 21. Her hairs are just lil below shoulder. Her friends says she looks pretty. Her talks are true. Her words were magic. We had talk over how and what romance is and howromantic it is. How it should be slow and living. we lived the moment like moment of life. She make sketch in brain. She is learning art and design.

    I don't know why sudden we broke in to two. we had lost connection. If she disconnected the line. I am ok with it. I know we live long apart in the world. But if she not disconnected and it was random disconnection I want to tell her this post is for you dear. I know no one looks in these post. 90 percent of crowd gathers here for fun talks. But yet hoping. They say when there is nothing, you can at least hope. Hope you will return it here. Hope u will read it. Hope i will know why we got disconnected sudden. Thank you dear. Reply if you read it. Thank you again. Wake up from the sleep and let's walk in rain again.

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