• Today I am feeling like the world's most confused person😔

    Actually I have a friend(actually more than a friend) and I like her too much but what she messaged me last night made me dumbstruck😖

    Actually she and I belong to different religion , race and culture . But I suppose making a friend doesn't require the criteria of being in same religion...we were talking when she suddenly asked me a weird question and it was" whether you have ever thought of changing your religion in future"😔 I changed the topic but my mind is still confused that how can she ask such things? , but I have no courage to answer her questions as I really like her but still I am too confused on what to do next?😔

  • I would read the holy book of whatever religion she is, to show you're taking an interest, and hopefully she'll be impressed enough just by that.

  • @reviewer_1
    Or, you know? Just tell her the truth? And maybe ask her why she has made such question in the first place?

  • @spaceboy
    Aww, you did not forget me to include into the bog.
    Thank you!

  • @reviewer_1 I respect people, i really do, they way i talk is just simply unfiltered, ok? So, how about you dump religion and stop being a fckin idlot? You like a person but religion is in the way? Im fckin serious this is as pathetic as it can get. You want her and think you two can have a future, you go for it. I will never be able to udnerstand this fckin miserable shlt. How can she ask something like this? Well let me ask you, how can YOU let yourself a HUMAN BEING living and breathing, and possesing the most complicated thing known to mankind in the universe let yourself be restricted by religion? WTF bruh WTF?! Your own happiness or religion? srsly? How the fck is that even a choice..

  • @Alte Is it right to put others happiness in danger for your own happiness .... I am really a man of flesh and blood and you are also right it is happiness that is important...... But how can you be happy when you make others unhappy....I believe that that humanity is the biggest religion but the fact is it is my opinion not my the opinion of my close people who are always with me whenever I need support....
    Do you think that for my happiness I should make them unhappy? Is it right?

  • @IM-NOT-HORY thank you for your support😊.....by the way your name is really funny(IM-NOT-HNy)

  • @reviewer_1 So throwing your religion outta window would make other people sad? You know you are right, you cant be happy by making others sad. But how can THEY be happy, if you are trashing your happiness because you are worried about their happiness? You see that infinite circle? One has to be strong and brake it. And it shouldnt be you. It should be your parents. As i assume they are the one youd make unhappy. They should care about you happiness not religion.

  • @Karina-Kara sometimes telling the truth really hurts than being silent😔

  • @reviewer_1
    It does, but only for them. You already know the answer.

  • @alisew
    Risky click of today.