Clarrification Part 1

  • So today i will give you answers that you had asked me in the past but i was smiling and walked away.

    1. From all of girls in this world even in your real life, why it must be that girl?
      If you are my friend dude, i believe you read all of my love letters to that girl. Feel it, you will get the clues.
    2. How can you embrace with that girl "uniqueness"?
      I believe everyone has his/her own good and bad sides. A simple word like "i love her" in my country means that i am unconditionally, irrevocably and wholehearteadly accept her for whatever she is.
    3. Have you ever felt jealous to her because of someone?
      It is a biggy lie if i said i never felt such things. I do, almost all the time. But again, i have to make a wise decision, i dont want to argue with her. So, i let it be. If i cant handle my feeling or my anger, i prefer to be offline and take my time. It is how i have to behave in front of her.
    4. Have you ever had a fight with her?
      Yup. When a spokesperson appeared, i could not tolerate it so it was clinging my anger. We had a hard argumentation until in that time i stopped to be angry, listened her more and apologized to her just because a sentence from her "i am damn hurted". Since that time, i prefer to hold my bad feelings for her and walk away if i think my anger turn on.
    5. You mentioned you have given up on her, why?
      Well, i think i fully reach my limit. My limit to manage time for almost 18 hours for work, to be online in here, to manage my feeling for her, to manage my stress and many more. If you are referring to my feeling to her, i am giving up to convince her that i never play her feelings.
    6. If there were another girl, then she asked you out rn either in real life or in this tws, would you accept her?
      Why not? One sided love drained my emotions a lot. I'll consider it. However it may be an unfair things. I will say the ugly truth first.
    7. Which side of her that makes you really love her the most?
      Her supportive side, she is mature enough for a girl on her age. She makes me feel comfort with her all the time. I never felt scared to be me in front of her.
    8. How can you handle your emotions when you miss her?
      Well i have 3 things about her that i always bring when i work, her pictures in my wallet, my black and white metal ring with her name inside and my card with her name. Also, i watch her "tutorial cooking video" when i feel i am busy with work.
    9. If that girl finally had a feeling to you, would you try to date her?
      Nope. Dating is a complicated status. I dont want to give her a bunch of rules something like she should do/shouldn't do and vice versa. After that we have fights, we have dramas, we feel hurted and we decide to split off.

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  • @TheRisingSun aye bish πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, u never fail to crack me up

  • @G-A said in Clarrification Part 1:
    "i am damn hurted".
    After that we have fights, we have dramas, we feel hurted

    Hurt*, thanks me later

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