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    But on tws it's totally different.😃😃 I can be the one who i wanna be. I can change myself in front of people (without caring what they will think) , can change the way i talk, can change my character !! No one can judge me , and even if they do so.. it doesn't really matter !
    People are judgemental. Even i am judgemental. So what tws provides me to change my user name and once again try to behave properly like what others wanted ... And it really helped me to get such a large no. Of friends here !! Unfortunately, this isn't possible irl.

    You can see your experience at TWS as a kind of training for real life. Here you get to interact with many different kinds of people. If you are successful (which you are) at that, this means you could also do it in real life! You know what I mean?

    Whenever you write on TWS you could start imagining talking to the other person IRL instead. That helps you build your confidence. Maybe even say out loud what you write. Honestly this has some real life effect.

    I am an introvert in real life. I don't have friends. Something i really feel bad about that (as sometimes, when i encounter wid cockroaches i really think to call someone for help 😂😂😂, but due lack of contacts i can't) and moreover i hate to sit alone and it gets worst when my teacher declare it as a free period . It's like sh!t !! Now what i will do ? Should i use mobile? Or head down will be perfect ? Or should i stare everyone enjoying their friends company 😐.
    If you are supposed to a group activity in class!! Again it's a sh!ty situation for me. Like "hey who wanna do this with me 😑?? " I hate these situations.

    It is really hard to change group dynamics once they are in place. You should not interpret situations like these as a failures on your part...

    Ofc at this point of time i hate my reality! That i am an introvert! But hope to change it soon to an Ambivert. 🙂

    ...instead to become more of an ambivert you should try to meet new people. When you put yourself to the task you'll figure out opportunities to do so. The more you do it the easier it gets. And when it has become normal it will also be easier to change the situation in your class.

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    Lol i am d only one who wrote in such a big paras 😂
    Pardon me !!!

    Don't apologize for expressing who you are even if that takes a bunch of words. Also as long as it is interesting a long post is not a problem. The long and boring ones are annoying.

    For me the big realization was how much I feared interacting with people (especially on a personal level). I always thought the problem was that I didn't know how to interact with them. But it really is just fear that keeps me from doing it. If you want to know wether your problem is fear (instead of just being an introvert) try walking through a city – best done with a friend – and greet 100 strangers. I'm not joking. I tried and I couldn't believe how much it scared me. Took me quite a couple of tries to get to 100 people in total.

    Because in the end there is no reason to fear this. People forget you after a minute and don't care. Some greet back, some don't but it does not matter to them you know. But if you succeed it means you have gained an incredible amount of freedom. Cause after all our fears – the unfounded ones! – are nothing but shackles that hold us back.

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    @Kakashi said in Tell me more about you.. YES U!:

    @Bela-Hella Depends, on who I'm with xD

    For sure I know you dont have an attitude problem but your personality differs depending who handles it.. Iz dis wat u mean? 🙂

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