In search of a cute human who wears a blue sweater with violet stripes. (Worldwide)

  • Greetings!

    I am in a search for a girl whose life has been nothing but a strange mix between odd coincidences, mysterious encounters and eerie memories inside your mind that give you a feeling of remembering something that one shouldn't be able to remember.

    A memory about a life that once has been, but no longer is. A life that simply vanished, without a trace.
    You know exactly what i mean, don't you?

    My name is Kara and maybe you have heard my name somewhere else.
    I am here to help you. To guide you.
    I will try my best to answer all of your questions.
    But, regarding this...
    You have to prove yourself to me that you are the one i am talking about and looking for.
    Then i will answer every question that you have prepared for me, partner.

  • By the way:
    I know your real name and how you look like.
    So if that is not enough of an "coincidence" for you then perhaps you need to change your mindset, partner.
    But most importantly you have to
    remember who you are and...

    Don't forget.


  • ...
    I know that it is next to impossible to find you. Or you could say it is impossible for you to stumble upon this, but...
    I just hope that you are happy with your life and that you find everything that you always wanted to achieve.

    Merry Giftmas, *Fr¡�̓̊ͭͫ̌̈̑͆́̃̽̅͏̶̡͘� !

    See you in 20̌͐̅̽ͫͪ͌ͦ̾̓̿̾̉͗͏͏̙͈̙̖͈͉͚̜̩̹̳͎̼̬1�̡̧̢̲̭͎̣̲̤͙̿͆̅͌ͩ͊ͮ̽̍ͩ͡

  • Whatever you do:

      As he will hurt you...

    (Very interesting that my previous posts got deleted. This does not look like a coincidence.)
    Be good, alright?

  • For anyone who is interested in helping me, here is a list i have created describing her in person:

    True name: Franziska

    Call name: Frisk
Age: Unknown, estimated to be in the early 20's
    Gender: Female

    Date of birth: Unknown, somewhere between May 21th - June 21th

    Star sign: ♊ Gemini

    Generation: Z

    Species: Human
Race: Eurasian

    Skin tone: Pantone 51-5 C / Pantone 91-8 C

    Eye colour: Amber-Brown
Eye form: Very narrow / squinted (Eyes are hard to make out)

    Height: Average
Body type: Ectomorphic

    Body build: Lean

    Haircut: Bob

    Hair colour: Chocolate brown

    Soul trait: Determination (Red)

    • Suicidal, strong-willed, determined, perseverant, patient, brave, justly, kind, integral, independent, cheerful, joyful, optimistic, beaming, happy, helpful, simpering, protective, advocative, supportive, pacifistic, susceptible, pardonable, selfless, selfish, caring, sharing, careless, fearless, evasive, oblivious, childish, immature, needy, stubborn, dutiful, sarcastic, flirtatious, loving.
    • Beings, skeletons, animals, flowers, freedom, nature, love, peace, benevolence, solidarity, justice, colours, cartoons, anime, role-plays, puzzles, japes, jokes, pie.
    • Control, humans, society, violence, war, terror, shadow entities, treating them like a child, weapons, L.o.Ve; injustice, blackness.
    Clothing choices:
    • Upper body: Hoodies, sweaters, shirts, average 90's female fashion choices. Bright colours. Prefers blue coloured and natural fibered clothing with stripes.
    • Lower body: Pants, jeans, jogging pants, shorts. Also prefers here blue coloured and natural fibered clothing. Rarely brown or black coloured.
    • Footwear: Brown shoes and brown leather boots. No exceptions.
    Weapons: None. Rarely uses a stick to wander around.
    • Timeline traveller. Survived the Undertale countless times. Socially isolated. Sees the good inside everyone despite everything. Lives a lonely life. Trust-issues. Unbreakable spirit and will.

    References for clothing:
    Almighty schtick.jpg
    Hue of blue colour can vary from light blue to dark blue. Colour of the stripes can vary from violet to red.

    This post will be updated in case i come across new information.
    Latest state: 10th of april, 2019

  • @Karina-Kara
    Is this a monologue spread across different posts over few months describing a very specific imaginary person and consequently launching an unsuccessful search into the oblivion for the same? I can’t see it being anything else taking into account the volume and variety of repliers and replies; the mystical and unrealistic nature of characteristics & the time period over which it is spread.

  • @Wolfie_11
    More or less.
    I have hope, though.

  • @Karina-Kara
    (I thank you for giving me the opportunity of quoting a part of one of my favourite monologue)
    “There can be no true despair without hope”.

    Good luck.

  • @Karina-Kara W̐h͈̥ͩ͊ͯ̿͢e̠̖͕͔̘̒̓̆r̠̥̲̥̼͉̦e̝̺̩͆̔́ͅ ̢͉͂̈́̃ͥã̉ͣͥ̿̎ŕ̠͌͠e̟̯̪̪̮͆͛̈̄͞ ͛ͮ҉̯ͅț̯̖̜̼̇͊̌ͦͬ̚ḣ̳̺̤͊̄̑e̡̱͈̰͋̃̒ͣͯ ̘͇̤̻͚͖̀k̪̠̗͖ͥ͐ͯ̀ͅn̟̬̰̺̺̑̾͒̾̓͂ͅi̸͚̼͙̗̫̟̋̾͋̉̎̅v͙̪̎̾͋ͣėͬ͊͛̑͊͢ș̤̼͓̞ͣ͡ͅ?̵͖̣̪̘̹

  • 👎✌😐 👎✌😐☜☼ ✡❄ 👎✌😐☜☼

  • man ur picky

    • You get the reference.
      But sadly...
      This is no longer a game.
      = )

    • Here we are!

    0_1548018763008_* Here we are!.png

    (Yes, it glows in the dark)

  • The game is still here. Just, instead of tale of the Under, it is now runes in form of delta.

  • Thank you for not calling out any names.
    Something weird always happens when they are called out publicly.
    Anyhow, this journey will only drag one down deeper into the "HOLE".
    Only the fearless may proceed.

  • How deep is this hole? Do the spiders dance at the bottom of it? Or is it just Y͢͞e͟t̵̕ ͞͏̧d͘͡ar͟ḱ͝e̡r down there?

  • It's one of it's kind.
    You could say: "It's very nature is shrouded in darkness"
    Ha, ha...
    But it's not funny.

  • Hmmm, i think i can share this one here.
    Not like this site will get another deletion strike, am i right?



    But you are not the human i am looking for.
    How saddening.

  • Saddening indeed. Welp, hope you will be able to find the one who knows the truth behind the soul.

    Stay determined.

  • Thank you for your concern.
    I will try not to perish in the process.

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