In search of a cute human who wears a blue sweater with violet stripes. (Worldwide)

  • Greetings!

    I am in a search for a girl whose life has been nothing but a strange mix between odd coincidences, mysterious encounters and eerie memories inside your mind that give of a feeling of remembering something that one shouldn't be able to remember.

    A memory about a life that once has been, but no longer is. A life that simply vanished, without a trace.
    You know exactly what i mean, don't you?

    My name is Kara and maybe you have heard my name somewhere else.
    I am here to help you. To guide you.
    I will try my best to answer all of your questions.
    But, regarding this...
    You have to prove yourself to me that you are the one i am talking about and looking for.

    Please provide a picture of yourself with your sweater in order to verify your identity.
    Your life has nothing else been but a LIE.
    We both are stuck here together.

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