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    A girl of 18 has just nearly been raped by her new step father. Afterward, she confronts her mother about the attack. Her mother's reaction shatters the girl, her mother having taken the side of her new husband denying the girl’s words. The girl feeling very alone in the world decides to run away. After a couple nights wandering and sleeping outdoors she contemplates suicide at a lonely rural bridge. A man in his late forties who talks the girl away from the edge and into his truck. The girl’s feelings of apathetic loneliness lead her into his embrace. Will this man just as old as her step father be her salvation or nightmare?

    I bite softly as you pull away, not wanting our kiss to end
    My lower lip quivers, the stinging taste of cigarettes on your saliva left in my mouth,
    My head swims in a haze, as I refocus on my surroundings.
    You kneel tall before me, hair peppered with gray, your age apparent in every detail.
    No part of your body left unweathered, unhardened, my lifetime surpassed by the manual labor evidenced in your hands.

    I feel exposed, lying on a bare mattress, the biting chill of cold night air filling the partially constructed brick home.
    Suddenly you grab my throat and tell me to tell you I want you inside me.
    I choke out the words " I want you inside me..." before you release your firm grip.
    A fear comes over me, our clothes are strewn around my naked body.
    "This guy… This place… What am I doing?"
    You stare at me hollowly stroking yourself, I swallow my fears, sitting up to meet you with a kiss. But you stop me with a hard hand to my chest shoving me back onto the bed.

    I smirk, hoping you’re playing around, but you continue to stare cold and hard as my fears resurface.
    Again "what am I doing?" or "does it even matter anymore?" I think to myself.
    Your hands trace my perimeter, calf, to thigh, to hip.
    You grip my hips, pulling me toward you, lifting my lower body against you, and rest my butt against your thighs.
    I now lay neck and shoulders on the mattress, balanced against your body
    My face is flushed, blood rushing to my head as you kneel over my upside down form, taking in my nude body.
    I feel small in that moment, your muscles strong and hard against my petiteness.

    I watch your menthol green eyes take in my body like a predator
    Carving apart my tender flesh, my immodest position, legs spread wide, serving no defense.

    You place your palm cupping my breast dragging your weathered hands down until reaching my stomach, taking in the softness of my skin.
    I unconsciously bite the corner of my lower lip, the roughness of your hands sending electricity through my flesh, now in goosebumps.
    Your focus now turns to my blushing séx.
    You feel its moist heat radiating against your stomach.
    The innocence of my pale soft skin clearly denied by the steady stream of wetness now trickling from my slit and down my pink bumhole
    You lift up as I anticipate a rough plunge but instead you slap your length across my folds, stinging my clit.
    You batter my séx several more times, your roughness almost in preparation for whats to come.

    You position your shaft once more, this time there is no denying your intent,
    You press forward burying about half of yourself inside of me.
    My tightness preventing you from sinking farther you draw back and thrust once more burying nearly all of your shaft inside me.
    I quickly grasp the bed to steady myself, my free arm racing to cover my mouth biting down as I release a barely audible moan.
    I clearly have never been with anyone as big as you are before and that combined with my nervousness causing my vaginal muscles to strain against your girth.
    You lean your weight over my bent body grabbing my wrists and pinning me to the bed.
    You lean your weight onto me pushing my feet to my ears pinning me to the bed.

    My unyielding tightness leading you to long deliberate thrusts.
    I watch as your shaft sinks into my reddening folds, its head pressing outward bulging my stomach with each plunge.



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