Looking to get butterflies from chat again!

  • Remember the days when getting emails and IM messages was exciting? You would get all excited when you saw a (1) next to your in-box or a new IM waiting for you. That little "ding" sound meaning someone sent you something? It was an amazing feeling and excitement. Then somehow all the fun went away when emails took over our life at work. I want to get that excitement back. I want butterflies when I see someone has sent me an IM or email. I want to have something to look forward to ... someone to talk with during the days - to know someone is thinking about me. How about you?

    I'd prefer to talk with married women and/or moms - just more in common but all women invited to reply. I hope my post makes sense to you ....

    55m married. Educated business professional who can carry on a good conversation about lots of topics. As of late my favorite topic has been music.

    Drop me a note if interested.

    thanks for reading my post ....

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