• So you want to buy an AR 15? No scratch that, anyone can buy a rifle. You want to build an AR 15, but you don't know which is the best AR 15 build kit available for you? Worry not, fellow AR 15 builder - We've compiled a few of our best AR 15 build kits for every budget and experience level!

    Part of the allure of building your own AR 15 is actually putting the time in to make something that’s your own. It’s the challenge in assembling the firearm and learning what goes where, and how it all works together. Typically you purchase a lower receiver at your local gun store and build from there. However, you can take it a step further and purchase an 80% lower receiver. This will increase the overall challenge and difficulty in building your AR 15, but it will also make the build more satisfying and slightly more affordable.

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    The use of an 80% lower also makes it much easier to buy the all the parts you need to complete your rifle in a convenient, one-stop shopping trip. Available at your fingertips are some of the best AR 15 Build Kits for beginners and experts, alike. In fact, it's quite simple. A complete AR 15 build kit with an 80% lower can be shipped directly to your door at your convenience. You don’t have to scour the internet looking for part-after-part, it can all come in one convenient package. What kind of package you choose is entirely up to you and your budget.

    Choosing the Best AR 15 Build Kit
    As each individual shooter has their own definition and requirements for the best AR 15 build kit for them, so we have several options available with varying parts and accessories. At a minimum, a build kit will include all the necessary components to build and operate the weapon. This includes the complete upper receiver, with a bolt carrier group and charging handle. The options here can vary quite drastically. You can have a standard mil-spec flat top upper with a plastic handguard, and fixed A2 style sight. Alternatively, you can go full-length keymod handguard and stainless steel barrel. The options are quite varied.

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    You’ll also need your 80% lower receiver. Variances here are slight, and if you are looking to keep it mil spec you need to go forged over polymer. The AR 15 build kits at 80-Lower.com are all forged. The main difference here is if you want it to be marked in any way, we always have the option for Safe and Fire markings if you desire it.

    Anodized black 80 lower Fire/safe engraved 80 percent lower

    Lastly, you need all the AR 15 lower parts. This includes the buffer, buffer tube, stock, pistol grip, trigger group, and all the other small lower receiver parts. The following components are the absolute minimum. You can always add more items if you choose. This includes mundane accessories like magazines, or a complete jig and drill bit kits for finishing your 80% lower receiver.

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    The Best AR 15 Build Kit for Your Budget
    Budgetary restrictions are of course a major consideration for many of us. We do offer a kit at any budget range. With this in mind, you will always be able to build your dream rifle cheaper than buying a completely built model. A basic mil spec kit can do most of what you’ll ever need from a rifle. Optionally you can throw in the drill bits and jig and be on your merry way. You are always free to upgrade your rifle at a later time if you choose.

    Alternatively, you can go with a stainless steel barrel, a keymod handguard all attached to a premium made 5.56 chambered upper receiver. This option certainly makes a flashier, and more modern rifle. Whichever option you choose to be confident that you are getting one of the best AR 15 build kits available in the market today. One backed by a company with a reputation for outstanding customer service.

    Adding jigs and bits makes finishing an 80% lower basically 99% easier. We offer a complete kit that includes the 80 lower jig and proper drill bits. There is also the option to add either a jig, drill bits, or both with any of our AR 15 build kits. A jig is essentially the pattern you’ll have to follow to finish your lower receiver. A jig surrounds the lower receiver and guides the drill and bits to finish it. A jig essentially does all the measuring, marking, and placement for you. Our jig makes finishing an 80% lower dummy proof. It is an essential piece of gear for the first time builder.

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    Drill bits seem common enough that you can buy any drill kit and finish a lower receiver right? Well, it can be done like that. However, a complete drill bit kit will cost more than the bits you need to finish the receiver. Also, the drill bits included in most drill kits do not have a proper stop collar. A stop collar prevents you from drilling too far into the receiver. If you got too deep you may ruin or at least threaten the structural integrity of the lower receiver.

    Our complete AR 15 80 lower jig kit, that includes the jig and drill bits, is by far the easiest to build. All the work in finding the right pieces is done, and the jig and bits answer the “How am I going to build it,” question.

    DISCLAIMER: If you are new to the world of DIY gun building, you likely have a lot of questions and rightfully so. It’s an area that has a lot of questions that, without the correct answers, could have some serious implications. At 80 Lowers, we are by no means providing this content on our website to serve as legal advice or legal counsel. We encourage each and every builder to perform their own research around their respective State laws as well as educating themselves on the Federal laws. When performing your own research, please be sure that you are getting your information from a reliable source.


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