• Lets talk about Anything, ready for a debate💯

  • @shaun-durwin I believe its because objects with different colors and structure have different temperature capacity and rate of temperature absorption which causes temperature fluctuations to happen. For example, black objects have the highest rate of temperature absorption but at the same time they "lose" (radiate) that temperature faster than other objects. If your mugs are the same (structure, shape etc.) then the one with "darker" color will be faster to warm up but will also lose some temperature quicker due to higher rate of temp.radiation. Also, air humidity, air temperature, air pressure, overall room temperature, different surfaces on which you are holding your mugs can and probably do play the part :D

  • @flexin0821 said in Lets chat anyone:

    Lets talk about Anything, ready for a debate💯

    Hey there, I was gonna post a thread about this, but as you want to debate.... I shall start things off on a random route ;)

    I have noticed lately, when making coffee, that if I use the Blue Ceramic mug I have ... the coffee stays nice and warm for a reasonable time....If I use the Black Ceramic Mug that, apart from color (oh and it is slightly bigger) is predominantly the same mug, the coffee goes colder substantially quicker.

    I just don't get it

    ( I would post a pic of them but I don't seem to be able to post pics at the moment :/ )

    Any Ideas on that? or any counter argument to the strange and bizarre findings of a weird peanut man???

  • The only thing I can think of at the moment is that the black mug if dropped or messed up a little bit then that could be the problem cause its getting weaker. Do you hand wash both of them? The dish washer if you have one could mess that up too 💯😎

  • @flexin0821 Both the mugs were new, and yes I do hand wash them. I sooo wish I could afford a dish washer lol.
    Both mugs are also mad by the same company... they are Friends (TV series) mugs... not like on the show, the huge things they used ... but standard mugs with the Friends logo on.

  • @What-is-this Very good point bro but color shouldnt have that much effect its not like sun is hitting the cups constantly, but the other stuff you mentioned sounds promising, Almost a FACT💯💯😎😎

  • @what-is-this :thinking_face: I wasn't aware of many of the things you point out. So thanks for the information.
    Regarding mug placement ... I use the same coaster all the time, and sadly sit at the same table inside the same window lol.... so I can't imagine that would play to big a part.
    The thing I find strangest is that the Black mug is about 10 - 20 ml volumetrically bigger, so I would of thought that, even tho a small amount, the larger mug would retain heat for a longer period of time....

  • @flexin0821 I understand what you are saying, but the color still plays its role, it doesn't matter if the mug is being heated by Sun or an instrument. It's not being hit by Sun constantly, but the process of temperature radiation, absorption and heat exchange between molecules still happens, because in this case electric energy is being used to heat up an object on much higher rate than it would heat up by energy produced by Sun in the same period of time. Once the water heats up the mug, the black one will start to lose temperature faster. @Shaun-Durwin Maybe a stupid question, but do you heat up the same amount of water for both cups and do you heat the water to the same temperature?

  • @what-is-this said in Lets chat anyone:

    @Shaun-Durwin Maybe a stupid question, but do you heat up the same amount of water for both cups and do you heat the water to the same temperature?

    I boil the kettle , so I guess they are to the same temp :)

  • @flexin0821 @What-is-this
    If it works .... here are my cups in question lol
    0_1540133280433_Cups A.JPG 0_1540133294745_Cups B.JPG

    omg the pic upload worked :D

  • Black is known to be a great absorber of radiation, as well as a good emitter of heat through radiation. Why? IDK that you will have to look deep into science

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