• I am 5"11 and 21 years old, who is unemployed and lives with mom with IQ 72. Even prostitutes reject me. I am disgusting. You would have to be a sick whore fuck me. I am disgusting. I look like a tranny. A pathetic beta male. Worthy of the ovens. Don't you tell me I will find someone. I won't and if some whore, I can't respect them for taking trash like me.


    Albeit, My problems are small compared to others. Better my scenario than the one of a little boy in Afghanistan

  • Come on ladies you would have to be absolute whores to even be interested in me
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  • @notaserialkiller I don't know what happened to you that destroyed your self esteem but I can promise you that most women don't really place that much importance on looks, money and even IQ. There are shallow people out there, don't get me wrong, but most women care more about a guys personality, if they're kind and supportive and make them laugh. Judging by your post I can sense a lot of hate and anger, mainly at yourself but also towards women. Most Women aren't going to get involved with someone who hates them, your anger is what is pushing people away not your looks of unemployment.

  • bruh why you tripping? You look pretty decent. still have 2 eye brows lol. You have everything on your face. You ain't missing nothing. I lost my virginity when I was 22. you are doing ok. no worry. Just get out there more.

  • Easy, let go of your ego.

    There are two ways to do this.

    1. Do an extremely rigorous routine of physical and mental exercises. Search google for videos of juggling, calisthenics, piano or guitar playing, and most importantly, meditation (I recommend Alan Watts).

    Following this path, you will eventually see no need to control any aspect of yourself because you never had control to begin with. You will notice yourself as you do when you are dreaming.

    Seeing as you think very lowly of yourself, this way will almost certainly fail. You would probably be way better off with:

    1. Learn how to use TOR and Bitcoin. Then, take three or four good hits of DMT. That's all really. I can't explain why you should do this or what you will get out of it. Best to leave it a mystery.

  • @chatgirl why do you lie