Take a stand as a person

  • Hi, I'm Emma I am here, I have feelings, insecurities, and problems. If you don't know that then you don't know me. I have seen bad things and felt bad things. I was raped at 5 years old and i kept being raped, mollested, sexually harassed and assualted until last year. Then I realized how strong i actually am and put a stop to it. For all those men and women who don't know how strong you really, I just want to telll you your stronger than you look. Now for the men and women who want that shit to happen to them because they think its cool or their sex addicts, i just want to tell you, your fuckin stupid and you will never know how horrible it really is to feel that. If I made change at 13 years old so can you, its time to take a stand.

  • @classic-blonde omg that’s some story. That’s terrible that you went through that & I’m so happy you got strong & put a stop to it. No kid deserves that. EVER & to want that is insane. Good for you & Stay Strong.

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