• Chapter One:
    Day Before Big Speech:
    Today is November 14, 2018. I have exactly 24-hours to write this stupid essay, well I guess it's not stupid since Professor Nicholas is making the whole class do it. Anyway back to what I was going to talk about. We have to write an essay about a time where we gained something/someone and lost something/someone at the same time. It's exactly 3 pm, I got out of class at 12:30 pm. This seems confusing. You probably have no clue what I’m ranting about. Maybe I should back up a few steps.
    I had been sitting in my AP English class with about 1,000 kids, since 9 am this morning. I was thinking about my twin brother Connor, since tomorrow makes exactly a month, to the day my brother passed away.
    I bring my mind back to class, just in time to because Professor Nicholas is telling the class about our assignment.
    “I want you guys to write about a time in your lives when you gained something or someone and lost something or someone at the same time. It can be at any time in your life and about anything you want to write about. The only thing that I require for you. Is that it has to be true. I feel like everyone should have had something like this happen to them but if you haven't come talk to me after class.”
    Thoughts filled my mind. “When did I lose something/someone but gained something/ someone at the last time?” I thought to myself. I was so lost and confused.
    “You have 24-hours to write this essay and present it tomorrow. To the class.” Professor Nicholas said looking at all of us.
    It was about 12 pm so we had a half an hour of class left so Professor Nicholas lets us brainstorm with other people around us. Which I go to my two best friends in the class with me. Casey and Kyler.
    “Do you have any idea what you are going to write this essay about?” Kyler says as he looks at me.
    “I have no clue, Lucas you’re the writer in the group, do you know?” Casey jumped in and asked me.
    “I’m not for sure just yet, but I'll probably figure it out before the 24-hours are up.” I say to both of them.
    Before we know it, Professor Nicholas dismisses us from class and I head back to the dorm.
    Which brings us up to speed with me sitting here at my desk, in my small light yellow looking room, in this uninspirational dorm room, I share with Kyler. One of my best friends. That’s completely quiet because Kyler is at work, since 12:30 pm trying to figure out a topic for this essay. And now it's 4 pm. I’m lost and still struggling to find this topic. I have no clue on what I am going to write about. Maybe I should just clear my head for a few minutes. I close my eyes for about 15 minutes and I think about things that have happened in my life I can write my essay about. After clearing my head I finally realize the perfect time in my life. I finally know exactly what my topic is going to be for my essay. I was so excited that I finally found my topic. But the real question now is how am I going to start it?
    For 8 hours I had been trying to start this essay, rewrite the first few lines of my paper over and over. I finally found the perfect way to start it. Once I get to writing the essay and the creativity keeps flowing through my body. Once I start I can’t stop, the memories are coming back just like watching a movie. I feel like I’m reliving these moments as I type them for my essay. It seems like the word count that is required is flying by. As I keep writing I had to wipe my eyes because tears started to roll down my face. I pushed through and I kept on writing my essay. I close my eyes, and next thing that happens is I pass out.

    Chapter Two: Day of Speech:
    The next morning I frantically woke up to my phone yelling at me. And yes, my alarm ringtone is my mom saying “Get up! Time for school! Another step towards your dreams. I love you!” I’m usually wake up before she finishes “Get up!” But I let it play so I can hear my mom’s voice. I'm so excited that I get to see her this week for fall break.
    My phone reads 8:05 am. AP English starts in less than an hour. I look at my computer and see that I finished my essay at 2 am in the morning. Thank goodness! I press print, wash my hair and body in the shower quickly, change my clothes, brush my teeth, make a piece of toast, grab my bookbag, my speech hot off the printer, and then I grab my keys as I head out the door.
    It took me 20 minutes to get to class today. It usually only takes me 5 to 10 minutes. Traffic was horrible on this Wednesday morning. My nerves start setting in and I feel like throwing up my breakfast which isn't much. My brain keeps telling me I’m not ready to do this. It's 8:25 am, when I usually get here about 8:15, so my brain thinks I’m late. When really I'm completely fine. I'm just not as early today as I usually am.
    I sit next to Casey and Kyler, who look pale as a ghost and not ready for this essay, and I start to look over my essay.
    “It all started on December 5, 2015. My parents were surprising my brother Connor and me for our birthday. We are fraternal twins. I’m the oldest by 5 minutes. Our parents, along with our little sister Serena, was taking us to a recording studio to see what it's like and see if they would like to hire us. I want to be a recording label owner/ manager. Where Connor, on the other hand, wants to play instruments, write and sing music. We were on our way to the recording studio, it snowed the night before so the roads were slick. My Dad slid on ice and hit a semi-truck head-on.
    It was a turning point for my brother and I. Our father died along with our baby sister. She was only 7. Our Mom was unconscious and later turned into a coma and I was rushed to the hospital with a broken leg and 3 ribs. As for my brother, he was unconscious as well. When he woke up, we found out his heart gave out, which we thought it was because of his asthma but it wasn’t and later to have found out he had a heart condition.
    After a long year of recovery, our mother was still in a coma and it became 2016. My brother and I had lived with our grandparents ever since the accident. During that time Connor and I had grown closer to each other. He’s my best friends. The other half of me. Something I can’t live without. My second heartbeat. What can I say?
    I’m Lucas Steel Rose, I'm turning 18 this year. Same with my baby brother Connor Michael Rose. We are twins, but we don’t look much alike. That’s the point of being fraternal and not identical. I’m 5’2”, brown hair, I spike it all the time, I also have green eyes. Where he is 5’2”, but has blonde hair and he styles it with a gelled hair flip and has blue eyes. We never dress alike either because our mother has a twin brother and her parents, that are now dead, used to dress them alike. I like wearing regular jeans with comfy hoodies with my favorite red converse. Connor wears skinny jeans in different colors with holes, band t-shirts or hoodies along with his favorite blue converse. He and I are both seniors in high school. Well, this is where our story begins.
    He and I work at the same recording studio. I help with the soundboards, computers, lights, and microphones. Any technology that deals with music, I’m usually working on it. Whereas for Connor, was normally in the booth playing guitar, piano, drums, and bass. He’s also singing and writing music. He’s actually in a band and was really good. He played lead guitar and sung, go figure. Sometimes he had to take a break from work. Due to his heart condition. With his condition, if he worked too hard playing and started sweating too much his heart would go crazy. Connor had Angina, which means when getting overheated or sweated too much his heart goes into shock and sometimes stopped beating. Even though growing up some signs of this disorder did show up, our family didn’t really think nothing of it. We thought the sweating and shortness of breath was his asthma, after being in the house fire. We really didn’t know it was early signs of Angina. It was hard to see him go through with it. I wished I could've taken his pain away earlier when he had it. I sometimes wished it was me instead of him. We missed our family so much. We used to go out to the cemetery to visit Dad and Serena once in awhile and tell them how life was going. We visited Dad and Serena and then Mom at the hospital. I wished I could have stopped the accident before it happened.
    September 21, 2016, was one of the happiest days of my life and was time for the most horrible months to come. Like usual, Connor and I went to see Mom after school. We talked to her for hours. We talked about school, how the jobs were going and told her that we went and saw Dad and Serena. We hoped this would get her to wake up. The doctors said it was a good thing that we talked to her about things like that. We also told her how grandma and grandpa were doing. We asked her to open her eyes but she doesn’t Connor and I wonder if it might be time to pull the plug. We felt like, that’s what she’d want even though it would be hard to see our Mommy go.
    Connor left because he had to help grandpa move some things out of our house and I stayed with Mom. he had been gone for mo more than 5 minutes.
    I was telling Mom that I started to like this girl. He name was Bri. “She’s so pretty, Mom. Almost as pretty as you.” I said to her with tears in my eyes. “I hope one day you can meet her Mom, she is so sweet and kind. Reminds me a lot of you.” as I say holding my mother’s hand.
    I get up and walk to the window that’s in her room. “Mom, would you be mad if Connor and I pulled you off the ventilator? I mean Mom, we don’t want to see you like this. It hurts us to know the only thing that's keeping with us is this ventilator. It’s been a year and 8 months Mom if you can hear me I need you to do something. Mommy, I miss you.”

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    @hales17 btw why 14 of November

    Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru once said "The children of today will make the world of tomorrow." Children's Day is celebrated on the 14th of November in whole world as a tribute to Jawaharlal Nehru, who was born on November 14, 1889.Thts why 14 november date was used by @Hales17

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