Can someone explain what the alluring part of DDLG is? (RANT)

  • DDLG stands for Daddy Dom/Little Girl relationships. And I hate it. I hate it to the fullest extent. It disgusts me so badly that my mood instantly goes to shit and judges them when i see them.

    Now, explain what the hell is the alluring part of it? There is prettymuch nothing at all. Acting like a little girl, or younger than you actually are? Immaturity is fun, yeah, but annoying. I see girls doodling in coloring books made for children. I don't have a problem with it. But as soon as they associate it with being "a little girl" I just get pissed off. Excuse me, grow the hell up. Nothing is alluring about children. It's almost pedophilia for a grown man to want to call his GF a little girl and treat her as one. Yeah they can be a princess, that's fine. Yeah they can be bought endless amounts of stuffed animals, that's cute. Yeah they can be taken care of, that's normal. But associating it with being a CHILD MENTALLY? NOPE! I don't understand why they want to be treated and a little baby. Why don't they embrace the maturity that they hold while being older? Ignorance is bliss, but stupidity comes at the price of not knowing shit.

    Treat eachother as adults. That's how a proper relationship should work. labeling your loved one as a child is disgusting.

    "But being an adult is boring!" some say. Uhm, no. Only if you make it boring, it's boring. Being an adult opens whole new possibilities for your life. Being a child is being sheltered, uneducated, and inexperienced.

    yes, this post was directed at somebody but I don't want to be so rude as to call them out. I apologize for blatantly insulting them, but I have very strong feelings for this UTTER GARBAGE!

  • also, the only time I accept the girlfriend to call her boyfriend "daddy" is when they've had children, and the children are nearby so the mom influences the children to call the dad "daddy."

  • @veitak people are weird and they do things that make no sense. Maybe you should accept it. Maybe this video will help you

  • @alwaysstranger I already know much of this. My issues aren't with the sexual aspect. It's just the aspect of calling your loved one a father figure when you're not a parent yet, and also calling your loved one a child. It disgusts me because of how it's basically "fake" pedophilia. Making light of pedophilia in that manner is unnecessary . I tolerate making light of anything when the moment is right and the act is fine. But it is not fine at all. I'm not not very able to accept those acts. There is no need to introduce a child and father figure label in a relationship between teens or anyone who hasn't had children yet.

  • @veitak It's fucked up but you'll have to live with it. It isn't that big of an issue.

  • @alwaysstranger Well, that's what I mean. it's fucked up so I'm ranting about it. I still live with it, because a lot of my female friends do enjoy it. It isn't a big issue, but it's one of my issues.

  • @veitak if you continue thinking about minimal issues then you'll die frpm a heart attack at 53. Yay

  • @alwaysstranger I only thought about it when I found out a close friend is into it. and they posted the things they like about it..