Do You Believe Someone Can Be Posessed Or Not?

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    Here are top 10 major religions that performs exorcism:
    5.Atheism (lol)
    For furthermore detail,

  • Yes people can be possessed. If you allow yourself too. No demon or person can possess someone unless they give their free will to do so or allow another human to treat them as such. And demons will weaken a person by feeding on fears within yourself as long as you do not show fear do not show weakness do not give permission of any sorts to allow demon in you will remain safe pray to arch angel Michael if you feel demons are around to protect you A.A. Michael will protect you but you must call upon him and ask for him to protect you and you must believe in Michael as well as if you know the Our Father keep saying that prayer as well as say that you call on the power of the Blood of Jesus Christ I Rebuke Satan and all his demons over and over sayin to rebuke satan by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ

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    @cookienookie7 I've made research on this topic and all other major religions uses very similar techniques but not through Christ instead they've use other God's name and have the same results which actually to take out demon permanently.
    And yes, the demon never came back after they do the exorcism practice

  • Yes individuals are left in very weakened almost dead state as that is what demons do they break the person down they kniw they are weak feed on weaknesses and will tear them down to point that they are so will weakened they give in an end resistance even then the demon cannot posses the soul it can only take the body the soul dies or moves on

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    @cookienookie7 Just wanna ask
    do you think that it's really Jesus who save them? Or other Gods? Or extraterestrials aliens? From demonic exorcism

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  • It is God Jesus and the Holy Spirit the pure Christ love is what purifies the bodies soul the demon cannot take the light and how bright n full of energy vibration it has to leave and any alien star seeds as one example are out to help save earth n it’s inhabitants aliens do not go to seek to harm planets or inhabitants they are granted by god n universe to be either birthed as human here to experience then save or they come to help angels and light workers to save planet n beings

  • Out of respect for satan or Lucifer and his dark angel demons and God it is not a good idea to joke of such things as your intentions were released to universe and well so let it be just forewarn watch what you say unto others and show everything a level of respect please god bless and amen


    I'm a professional exorcist

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    @cookienookie7 even some paranormal investigator suggests that demonic exorcism has something to do with the extraterestrials. It might not be an alien from outer space or a demon but a highly evolved species trying to manipulate humanity from true freedom.

  • @Tag666
    absolutely not lol. most cases of demonic/spiritual possession are probably just mistaken cases of psychosis or delirium.

    tho i might be biased, since i'm highly skeptical of the existence of things like spirits/ghosts/demons in general

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    @sarah_the_magpie I've seen demonic exorcism before and I can tell you right now theare case where they're really being posessed

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