Entering freshman year, any advice?

  • Any advice helps

  • Be as kind and friendly with everyone as you can, esp with new people or those without friends. Don't worry about people judging you (mostly because everyone's too worried about being judged to actually judge). If anyone dares to say something mean, it's because they are jealous or trying to make themselves feel better by tearing you down, not because there's actually anything wrong with you.
    Most of all, just try to be a confident person and get good grades. Even the objectively lamest people are liked more when they are confident, and no one ever regretted getting good grades. Don't worry too much about fitting in or getting a girlfriend because uniqueness attracts better people and you're gonna find much better girls after highschool.

  • Be average, fly below the radar, and mind your own business. That's the best you can do

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