How do you know if you´ve met your soulmate

  • Please let me fucking know because im going mad 🙂

  • @girlinterruped no one knows when are two souls intertwined but you and him

  • Your soul mate is the person who will be your mirror which you can see your naked self.

    They will rip apart your inner self, layer by layer, until you can see who you truly are.

    They will slap you, hard, to wake you up from your deep sleep and make you realize that you’ve been on the wrong path of life.

    They will be the ones who make you realize that you’ve abandoned your passion, your dreams, and your purpose in life. They know you more than yourself and they will make you terrified.

    You will be terrified as they push you to the limit and make you get out of your comfort zone, simply because they know you can achieve more than what you believe in.

    They will make you confront your fears and help you understand the meaning of being fearless.

    They will break your heart as they are telling the truths about those wrong things you used to love. Your soulmate will tear you apart until you feel lost along the way so you can find your true self back.

    I say that but in the end, I do not know.

  • @azriel Yeah but what if that feeling stoppes

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