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    Everytime I saw condom add in Television or Newspaper, I saw large variety of flavours. They launch new flavours on regular basis , now they also sell paan flavour condom ,lol.
    But my question is that what is use of flavour in condoms, I mean do we have taste buds at that part. I am just curious to know.
    Answers of everyone is welcomed
    Special Request from - @rendezvous 😝

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    Yes, I know what your question is bro.

    There are two kinds of these condoms you may get confused with:

    1. flavored: these are coated with "edible" flavors and are used to give males a blowjob. The person giving a blowjob is protected from sexually transmitted diseases and at the same time since they are edible (only the coating on the latex, not the entire condom) it is enjoyable to the person giving a blow job. Many people don't like the taste of penis/semen or a regular unflavored latex condom.

    2. scented: these are different in a way that the coating is "not edible". They are just used as a sort of room freshener and not for oral sex. Sometimes the smell of private parts is foul and kills the mood for sex. The scent acts as a deodorant on private parts and makes sex a pleasant experience.

    Source is quora.

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    Whichever you like BaBy❤❤❤

  • @sup atleast read the question , broo

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