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    So, I was just listening to my favorite songs while reading and this song started playing. One of my top favorites. I thought it was a different animation version, so I checked my tab, but then I saw My Hero Academia.

    I immediately restarted and was just captured by the graphics.

    Shoto Todoroki is just an angel and I feel so bad for him because of his jackass dad! He tries so hard to be a good person and not someone like his dad, and he loves his mom so damn much and my chest hurts so fucking bad, it's not even funny! Like, Todoroki is constantly pressurized by his dad to become #1 and beat All Might, but never cares about what he wants to be as a person.

    Like, Enji is such an asshole! He practically blackmailed Shoto's mom, and family by pretty much buying them, just so he could breed fucking, goddamn proteges! I mean, if you can't beat the #1 hero, All Might, as Endeavor and are permanently stuck a #2, don't fucking include your kids, you asshole!

    You don't breed children into beating your arch nemesis! That's fucking heartless and cruel. And then you try to assimilate him into HeroHood as a kid who is fucking five! Like, who in their fucking right mind does that?

    And you call yourself a fucking hero!


    And then there's Deku.

    Oh my gosh, Izuku Midoriya is a fucking pure soul, it's not even possible these days! He tries so hard to live up to All Might, especially now that he has a Quirk! He gives everything into it and doesn't care whether or not he hurts himself, only for the well-being of others!

    He fucking breaks his bones in order to make All Might proud and it makes my chest tighten at just how motivated he is. When he was a kid and crushed by that fucking Doctor about not having a Quirk, especially after all those promises to himself about being the best, only to bloody obliterated!

    Now that he has a Quirk, Deku struggles so hard to make All Might, his mom, Ochaco/Ochako, Todoroki, even Bakugou, and so many others, proud! He tries to be more than what he already is and doesn't realize that their already fucking proud of him, even if Katsuki doesn't admit it and is being a constant asshole.


    And Katsuki Bakugou is my fucking soul! Always so damn insecure and tries so hard to compete even though he is surrounded by threats, ahem, Deku and precious Todo. He tries to be the very best like he promised himself and so many others when he was a kid.

    Call him an asshole if you want, but he is trying to survive in a cruel, harsh world filled with heroes and villains, and people who will not hesitate to pull an A card from under their sleeve.

    He's realistic and knows what he has to do in order to achieve his dream and be the #1 hero. He has a hard shell because he knows he can't show weakness so that he can be the very best.

    And he's just so damn cute, and adorable, and hurt, and fucking trying, and struggling, and o'God, my chest in constricting. I can't breath!


    Fuck you, My Hero Academia! Why do you have to fucking give me feels like this? I use to me emotionless before I saw you!


  • Is this post all about anime queen..?cause that’s too long for my tired ass to read XD

  • @wtfjudith yep, my full hearted rant about MHA that didn't even make me feel halfway better

  • Ehhhhhh.This shit is not for me.

  • Is this story someone else's story as well ??

  • @vijay-kumar-0 what do you mean, Student?

  • @i-queen . i mean are u finding resemblance of that charater's story with urself ???