• ABOOBS Banned

    What came in my mind, when I think about best friends, there aren't really many of them. So I thought, maybe I only got one real one. Sometimes, you just sit by yourself and think about life and things you want to achieve. And the only person, who understands you the way you are, is yourself. Of course, there might be some people, who can relate to you, or your situation, but there will only be the one person, who really knows you the best. When you have no one around, you ask yourself. When you need some help and no one is around, you do it yourself. There are so many things, that you do by yourself, because you and only you, who can rely on that what you got. And some people only got themselfs. Maybe it's fine for them, because they see the way I see. They have an inner self, which tells them what to do or not to do. And this way, they can live without "Friends". You might ask yourself, don't you feel lonely, when you think like that? Don't you miss people around you? You see the others, running around, having fun, doing what you can't do, because you got yourself and only yourself. It's not bad having people around you. But there is one thing, that some don't want to relize. It's bad influence. Not only on you, but how you treat your loved ones, because you behave the way, other people made you behave.

    It's just something I really wanted to talk about.
    What do you think about it?

    Tell me about your stories or situations you are going through.