how to make a new friends......?

  • i wan some new friends feeling lonely..?

  • Alrighty then .... ,as your senior of 2 month on this site, I'm obligated to give you the obviously obvious disclaimers .

    Here we go...

    Obvious Disclaimers:

    TalkWithStrangers(TWS) is not responsible for spontaneous laughter or peeing your pants.

    Neither does it condone horniness or exaggeration of 2 inch microdick for a 7 inch banana or wetness as the Niagra waterfalls.

    You might find your soulmate but chances are it was trolls & weirdos, catfishing.

    You might slide into DMs of a friendly girl or guy but you wont be able to escape the "Friend Zone" or "Family Zone".
    Prepare for soul crushing disappointment. & questioning your life's every decision.

    Periods of extreme rage will occur & TWS is not liable for any physical object in your vicinity that you damage.

    You will find gross posts & posters will make you lose faith in Humanity.
    Please persevere .
    TWS will not pay for your funeral costs.

    Please don't let the door hit you on the way out.
    & have a good day.

    Lol ,just kidding among a ocean of horny people ,catfishes & creepy people ...there are indeed quite a few gems here.
    If you continue you might just find someone interesting or some topics that engross you.
    Have fun . ☺ ☺

  • We Are Groot!

    New friends??...welcome to TWS
    Just be good, talk with peoples in public chats nicely,
    Dont be a horny boi here, but for sometimes i think its ok..
    And u can flirt ❤
    But be good 🙂

  • @akhil-ram Just ask if someone wants to talk or be your friend, most people seem to be nice here but their are the occasionals

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