not sure how i feel about finding out someone i cared (past tense) about is in a new relationship just a few months after we ended..

  • so i'd call it my first adult/serious relationship and well she cheated on me 2 possibly more times (was a fool to take her back the first time) but i just found out that she's already in a new "public" relationship only a couple of months after we ended. i'm not angry or vengeful. i don't know, i just feel a little numb and hurt again even though i'm happy without her she was a gold digger and the relationship got so toxic she made me want to kill myself...
    not sure what this feeling is. any help

    so i realise this is the internet and all stupid comments will be ignored -_-

  • Well you could think of it like shes a golddigger, she doesnt give back the emotions You give her, she never truly cared about anything else than status and money, think of those things and honestly just ask yourself, is it really worth it to get sad over a girl like her? Should i be the one hurting cus of her manipulative and greedy personality? One day karma will bite her hard in the ass for using people for her own advantages, you Will find a girl that will be 100 times better than her sooner or later.

  • I think I know how you feel. Kinda like you wasted all that time loving her all for nothing? And you feel hurt that she got over you so easily?