What would you do if you had 24 hours left of your life?

  • What are your goals? What do you want to do before your time ends? Love you'd like to confess, going skydiving, visiting places, ect.

  • @kek spending more with my family. thats all i need,
    and also i could call my boss and say freely: "DBAA" !
    DBAA = Dont Be An Asshole.

  • @kek 24 hours eh? Well, might not be to extravagant, but ill call my boss, tell him I quit, and me and my son are going out on the lake fishing all day. I'm a slave to my job, take my work super serious, but, spending time with my world, that's all I need, all did want, is pass a happy man

  • Everything Extreme, New Experiences, I won't stand still in one place whining and doing nothing and thinking about my death, but I really wish to die peacefully, no sickness no pain, just the same as I was born no consciousness at all

    • These are some things I have done, and others I want to do before I die-
      Live alone- teaches a lot about the self
      Live with a group (maybe family or friends)- teaches a lot about caring for other people, community living, joys of sharing & compromise
      Learn cooking- basic life skill, that not everybody is familiar with
      Experience thrill (like paragliding, bungee jumping etc.)
      Save up enough for an impromptu trip, and then spend it all in one go (something I plan to do in the future)
      Donate blood
      Try drinking- see what all the fuss is about!
      Learn to photograph well- in this day and age, I think it's really important and interesting at the same time
      Learn a foreign language
      Donate food to the hungry- Regularly if possible
      Go bald (Don't worry! It's just hair, it'll grow back!)
      Sleep under a starry sky
      Fall in love
      Dance till your legs hurt- then dance some more without caring how you look or what other people might think of you
      Eat pizza at Naples
      Learn to play an instrument
      Watch/ Read Lord Of the Rings- I have already done this, but I highly recommend it to others
      Live in a tree house
      Go on a cruise ship
      Travel to all the continents at least once
      Learn to draw
      Telling parents how much I love them- I have done this several times, but actions speak louder than words, and someday I want to be able to show them!

  • @sarah wow start doing them now, this thread really gives an abstract view of how much we're not living our lives

  • @kek I admit, this is a bit over-the-top and frankly unrealistic but it’s a lot more exciting than just dying in my sleep.

    Assuming those 24 hours begin at midnight and that I don’t have school that day…


    First, I get my things in order. I organize stuff that needs to be returned to my school and email my letter of resignation to my boss. I also erase all data from my computer, clear out my Netflix history, and close all social media accounts.


    Everyone in my apartment’s fast asleep, but the city is just beginning to wake up. I put on some jeans and a hoodie, grab my phone/earbuds and a switchblade, and sneak out to the nearest ATM. I withdraw all the cash from my bank card (~$3,500, mostly my own income) and tuck all but $10–20 in my shoes for safekeeping. Then I go to the nearest 7–11 possibly grab a pack of cigarettes, given that I can successfully convince the cashier into selling tobacco to a minor. Also I buy a can of Monster. Gotta stay awake for my last day alive!


    I head towards the nightlife. Again, good thing I have extra cash because there’ll be a lot of bribery. First, I find a tattoo artist looking for some practice and show him the designs I want and where I want them. That should eat up an hour. Then I either bribe or sneak past a bouncer and get into one of those really high-end nightclubs. Chances are, I’ll bum a couple tequila shots off of some other customers, but obviously I won’t drink so much as to be wasted and hungover. Just a couple rounds to get tipsy for a few hours. All in all, I should be occupied until just before the buttcrack of dawn.


    The alcohol would’ve mostly worn off by now, and sometime between the bar and 4 A.M. I would borrow a lighter from someone to smoke a cigarette or two. I go to McDonalds for a bathroom break and use their WiFi. Since I have a bit of free time, I can commence Phase 1 of my Final Plan. I use my phone to access the Dark Web and search for a cheap pyrotechnic and an abandoned building near me. I tell him/her to meet me there at 11:30 later that night.


    I take a relaxing stroll down the streets while listening to music. I relish the sights for one last time.


    I find one of those stereotypical All-American breakfast houses. I go to my email and send one last message to my mother saying that I forgive her for what she did (or more importantly didn’t do). I chow down on some pancakes and a smoothie while making small talk with strangers.


    I go back to my house. My dad hasn’t even woken up so there’s no worry about him checking my strangely clean bedroom. I wake my dad up for work and help out with breakfast. We’ll probably chat and I’ll sneak in a very subtle final goodbye before he leaves for work. After that I might read fanfiction or watch TV just ‘cause.


    I double-check that pyrotechnic order I made just to be sure. Then I take a relaxing hot shower and change because chances are I smell like smoke, booze, and sweat.


    I send my friends another text asking them to meet me at our usual meeting spot. They’re (mostly) early risers. We meet and just hang out like friends are supposed to. We’ll do stupid dares, talk about random stuff, gossip about adults, and perhaps send ten pizzas to my soccer coach’s place.


    I stop by the dojo and teach the noontime green belt class.


    Lunchtime! I grab what would be my last taste of street food and eat on a bench outside my apartment, given the weather is nice.


    I go home and play my last round of video games.


    I pack a small afternoon picnic with whatever food is left in the fridge.


    I pick up my boyfriend from his house and take him on a surprise date in the park. Maybe I’ll even steal one of those sunset kisses before I drop him home.


    I buy the cheapest movie ticket and see it while criticizing it out loud. Then halfway through the film, I ditch and grab some sweets at a nearby candy shop.


    I visit my school building for the last time. True, it was the source of a lot of agony and boredom, but if there’s one thing school taught me, it’s that knowledge can come from anywhere.


    I use my GPS to find the address of the abandoned building where I’m supposed to meet the pyrotechnic. I hail a cab because chances are it’s outside the city.


    Before going to the abandoned building, I smoke another cigarette outside a gas station store. Then I bribe another cashier into letting me buy a bottle of vodka because I want to inhibit my judgement before I begin to regret what is about to happen next.


    I meet the pyrotechnic at the building. They have my request set up so I pay them with all the remaining cash I have left. They give me a crash course on the device they set up and gives me a button that would detonate it whenever I wished to. Then I tell them to get out of there and say nothing if questioned. I smoke one last cigarette and take a few large swigs of vodka. Phase 2 of the Final Plan has now been completed.


    Chances are, I’m drunk enough to not give a fuck. I put on my headphones and blast my Fall Out Boy playlist to get pumped. I’ll sing and dance on top of my lungs and pretend I’m king for the last two hours of my life. I also move out such that I’m outside the building but not in the epicenter of the blast zone. I want this to be epic, not ugly.


    I close my eyes and count down from 60.


    With that button in my hand, I commence Phase 3.

    By the next evening, I’m trending on all social media and all the news outlets are talking about me. The headline? Something along the lines of: Teen Dies in Mysterious Building Explosion.

    I’ll be a fucking legend.

  • @tina wow that's so detailed I like (y)

  • @emily comitting suicide ? :o, why would you do that ?

  • I spend the time trying to get an extension

  • @sologeek I like the DBAA thing lol xD

  • @kek I actually did this.

    I was planning on committing suicide and I made a bucket list of things I wanted to do the day before I died. I got through a lot of it.

    Most of them actually involved food. I fuckin’ love eating. Went to my favorite fast food place, and my favorite coffee shop. I bought myself a $8 ice cream cone because fuck it, I’m gonna die.

    I did not save money. I think I bought something, that was not cheap, but who cares? I have 10K in the bank and I’ll be dead soon. (I didn’t spend even a considerable amount of that money, because material possessions kind of became irrelevant.) I bought a couple gifts for my roommate, too.

    There were a lot of things I did for the “last time.” Walk to my favorite park, hang out by the river and take in the view from a drawbridge (I wasn’t going to jump).

    I also went through a kind of mourning process. I was sad that it was the last time I’d get lunch at my university market. Never walk through those doors again. As I texted my two best friends, I regretted that I wouldn’t be able to receive their messages anymore. I sent a lot of hearts and smiley faces, and reread old texts.

    I messaged my parents, told them I loved them and generally acted like I wasn’t supposed to die the next day. I wanted my friends and family to remember me as a happy person.

    If I remember correctly, I even went to some of my classes. It was a weight off my shoulders to be able to go to class without the pressure of grades riding on me, and I kind of enjoyed the learning. Although it was disturbing being in a room of people who had no idea I wouldn’t be coming back.

    Obviously I didn’t kill myself. I didn’t even end up attempting (shit went down). But I had thought I was going to die. And the experience afterwards was surreal: doing things, seeing things, and talking to people—I thought I would never do them again. I had mourned them but I got them back.

    For all that it’s worth, I have had only 24 hours before dying. I just happened to live to write about it.

    [This was fictional] Dont try this at home.

  • @kek Lol everoy1 knows that. but i try to b myself

  • @emily emily you are articulate and intelligent and pretty to boot. If i didn't think you'd shoot me down i'd be at your door with flowers and a box chocolates. I was gona say box of rubbers but i didn't think u would see my twisted sense of humor ;O

  • write my will, binge on all the junk food I've restricted during my life, and finally drive any car while screaming my favourite songs all the way to the ocean and lay there until I die

  • Music Lovers

    We would unban Kek. As he used to he a very good user.

  • @tina loved how detailed you were with your last 24 hours. It was a very interesting last day!

  • @kek I will marry kek.

  • It all depends on my mood on my last day. Ideally I would spend half of it trying to see things I have never seen and always wanted to see. Scouting for my final scenery. I would take a bunch pics of my middle finger till I find the best one that perfectly gets the statement across. Then tell the boss things aren't working out I need to request a leave of absence effective immediately. Nearing my final hour i start to play my favorite artist as loud as possible while attempting to get drunk. And start sending that special "middle finger pic" around to everyone I felt deserve it. Set my lockscreen and background as the middle finger and then just wait for it to end.

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