Christ has returned. Baha'u'llah

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    Many people are waiting on a "rapture" yet this is a misunderstanding of Scripture based on literal interpretation of Scripture created in the early 1800's by only a few people. Yet in the Bible it clearly states that the return of Christ would bear a new name as stated in Revelation 3:12 verse, also the "title" that He would come in "The Glory of God" which in Arabic is pronounced Baha'u'llah, and that Name is pronounced the same in every language on earth as stated in Zechariah 14:9 verse. The Bible tells us where He would come from "E-lam" which was Persia, now Iraq. The Bible gives the year and month....May, 1844 A.D. and on May 22nd, 1844 A.D. a young man named The Bab announced a new Dispensation had arrived for mankind fulfilling the Scriptures and like John the Baptist, He foretold of One greater to come shortly after Him in 9 years, and on July 9th, 1850 A.D. The Bab was executed and in the course of 9 years Baha'u'llah received His Revelation from GOD as the Promised One of all ages, the Return of Christ. All the signs were fulfilled by His coming when one researches the Bahai Faith, and reads the Writings of Baha"u'llah especially "The Book of Certitude" where Baha'u'llah goes into great detail to explain the subject of "return" to members of all Faiths especially Christianity, and Islam. The return of Christ has come just as the Bible foretold..."like a thief in the night" when people were spiritually asleep and not searching. In today's times the clergy has painted such a vivid picture in people's minds that anything other than what they have stated about the return of Christ should be igorned, yet isn't that exactly what happened at the 1st coming of Christ with the clergy telling the people what to believe and think, and they got it totally wrong! All that I ask of you is to fairly and justly investigate the claim of Baha'u"llah as the return of Christ by the Bible's Divine Standard, as stated in JOHN 7:24 verse and remember what is written on MARK 8:38 verse.