Has your music taste changed as you've gotten older

  • Has your music taste changed as you have gotten older? I know mine has-

    When I was a kid I wasn't allowed to listen to anything but Christian music, so it was a lot of Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, News Boys and worship music.

    As a young teen I listened to hip hop and R&B and since I lived on the West Coast it was Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Tupac... they were popular at the time (mid 90s). It was great until my dad took my tapes and threw them away because it was secular ungodly music.

    As an older teen (high school) I went through a period of rebellion. I left the church and wanted tear down the establishment. So, my music of choice was punk rock. Bands like Minor Threat, Pennywise, Bad Religion, AFI, NOFX.

    After I joined the military, I was always looking for a fight. Doing patrols and pulling guard was scary shit, so we alway listen to music that would get us hyped up. Heavy Metal was the music of choice. Bands like Killswitch Engaged, Atreyu, Fear Factory, All That Remains.

    Now that I am older, I listen to just about everything. If you were riding shotgun in my car you would hear The Lumineers then, We Came as Romans then, The Chainsmokers then, Marvin Gaye then, The Offspring then, Johnny Mercer. I guess as I have gotten older, I have learned to not be picky with anything in life (music, food, books...). The world has so much to offer, why not experience it all?

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    I’ve always enjoyed almost every genre of music but I’m more specific in the songs I like and which ones I don’t xD I can’t really name a specific genre but rather specific songs ;0

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    @kimmy159 Same as her

  • Mhm, when I was younger metal used to be my favorite genre, nothing else. As I grew older, I now started liking trap and modern rap (preparing to receive hate). Now that is my favorite genre. Probably gonna change again when I am an adult.

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    @evan-elderson Yep, mine has too.
    Oh wait, I didn't had any taste earlier. I hardly listened to any music earlier.
    And Now, I just listen anything thats trending over YouTube or Amazon. Mostly its pop and electronic, I guess.

  • @evan-elderson When I was a kid I'd usually listen to whatever the old persons in the house usually listens to. My dad liked Michael Learns to Rock and Beegees so that's what I'd usually listen to.
    During early teens, I had one of those low-key emo phase lol. So it was a lot of My Chemical Romance, Secondhand Serenade, Boys like Girls and Green Day.
    When I was in high school, that was when I was introduced to the world of KPOP and I listened to a lot of old kpop groups. I also watched shit loads of anime and read manga so I also listened to anime ost's and a bit of Jrock. I also listened to a bit of classical piano and a bunch of other stuff. I had a really diverse music during high shool and I'd always be embarassed to show my music to my friends because they'd think I had a weird music taste.
    But during college up till now, I stopped listening to most of those stuff and drifted to alternative, pop rock and slow rock. Arctic Monkeys, Cage the Elephant, Nada Surf, Pink Floyd, The 1975, FOB, Foster the People, Howie Day and The Killers. I also listen to a bit of broadway, opera and classical and the occasional pop songs. I guess I pretty much listen to anything as long as it sounds good to me.

  • @sup @Kimmy159 Same as both.
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  • @hermes don't feel bad, I also listen to chillstep and EDM. My teenage self would try to kick my adult ass. I say try because I was a scrawny loser as a teen.

  • @rendezvous it's all good. I listen to the pop radio station the most then probably the Christian alternative station next.

  • Yes. I usually listen to christian alternative. However im a loser so no one cares!

  • @hope-elizabeth there is nothing wrong with Christian music. I listen to it on my way home from work; it keeps me calm on the road. And we are all a bunch of losers here, so welcome.

  • @zazzles I used to listen to Secondhand Serende. You know he started out by writing love songs for his wife. When they got divorced the whole direction of the band changed towards a more melancholy style.

    I totally understand what it is like to be influenced by your parents' taste in music. It's funny, you can gather how old peoples' parents are just by the style of music they listen to. For example your father likes the BeeGees I would guess he grew up in the 70s. My father, however, enjoys doowop... 1950s.

  • @kimmy159 I like all genres these days... I can find something I like in everything 😀

  • @evan-elderson He was on his teens during 1950's. Yes, he and my grandfather influenced most of my music taste....
    And also my crush who I stalked on soundcloud lol. I discovered Arctic Monkeys and Banks through him

  • @evan-elderson i am quite flexible, so all of music is match with me

  • @jfreshh666 wow, been a while since anyone commented on this one.

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