• @meth

    My star sign is aries and my chinese zodiac sign is dragon. I genuinely do not believe in zodiac signs but i do like to read about them. My sign, aries, describes me as this harsh, confrontational demon but im rather kind, gentle and heart warming myself, i love to follow rather than be the leader most of the time.

    Another reason why i do not believe in zodiac signs are the pairings in general, "oh you cant be with this guy cause he is an aries and you're a pisces woman ". If you really love the person then why should a star sign stop them from being together, my parents are aries and pisces and they have been married for 20 years and its still going strong. My grand parents, from my dads side are aries and capricorn and they loved each other to the point where they were married for over 30+ years and had 8 children till my grandad passed away.

  • Leo hare any sigitorios girl in box me

  • @Megatron Hey, yy zodiac sign is a Lion and my chinese horoscope is a Rat too.

  • @Megatron I'm Aquarius and my chinese one is a earth monkey

  • @Megatron My zodiac sign is Scorpio. I have trust in astrology because it has the ability to predict our future in advance.

  • Libra and a tiger

    I like to check what people think a libra is like and it fits most of the times

  • Zodiacal sign: Libra
    Chinese sign: Goat
    i don't believe in astrology.. so i I don't know if their characteristics are close to my personality