• Gay Rights is fine to date the same gender.
    Don’t worry about the laws and principles that will put in jail for dating the same gender.

    You can love whomever you want.

    I can work with my girlfriend at work and it doesn’t matter if the workers around me, looking what my girlfriend and I are doing when we are working together.

    Why do people want to know if I dating a girl in public to get me in jail with my girlfriend?

    I will ask them, “ When do you want to know?”

    I was so mad at them, that I wanted to call the government to tell them, that to change the Gay right to make the non-gay people to stop. I can love my partner and I don’t care if I go To jail and get execute for dating whoever I wanted to date!

    I don’t care who see me with my girlfriend in public.

    I don’t want to hide anywhere with my girlfriend.

    I can live with her in the same house. She can love me back. She doesn’t care if she goes to Jail and get hung in jail. I hate people criticizing me, who I love and tell the police officers, That I’m dating a girl.

    Who cares that other people are gay or not, it is not their business anyway.

    They should not worry about their friends, they should worry about themselves instead. People can date anyone that they want to. Boys can date boys and girls can date girls.

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