• I love traveling and seeing/exploring new places so let’s talk vacations.
    Part 1:What was your favorite vacation you have ever been on? Where did you go? Who was it with? Would you recommend it to other people? Feel free to add pics
    Part 2: What is one place you have never been but have always wanted to go? Why is it a target destination for you?

  • I always wanted to visit the Northen part of europe.
    All of them Iceland, Greenland, Norway, Finland.
    They look really good in pics.

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    Ive never been to a very good vacation, honestly. But to pick one...... when i went to Rishikesh where I tried river rafting and kayak for the first time.I went there with my cousins and spent a week there.I would recommend that place if you love water sports and nature.
    Here's a screenshot of a picture i took there :
    0_1519407463834_Screenshot (27).png

    I'd love to go to Brazil because I wanna visit the great Amazon rainforests as a biologist to do some research. Also latinas are sexy af lol

  • @sup that looks awesome and yes Brazil would be awesome to visit

  • Boracay, Philippines ❤ I've been here for vacation and work. Overrated but the beach is still beautiful although some places are overcrowded, there are quiet spots too and the night life is epic.

    I'd like to go to Palawan or Siargao. Before going to other countries, I'd like to explore my own. For overseas destination, I'd like to go backpacking with my friends in Thailand alt text

    1. i forgot, cant think of any lol
    2. i never been to other country before, the place i want to visit is if overseas i always want go or maybe live in japan and UK i like to visit there and ofc somewhere like maldive, hawaii (who doesnt want to go there) . if in indonesia i want go to Bali and Lombok

  • @zazzles I’ve heard Thailand is awesome to visit

  • @tehkotak if you like places like Hawaii I would strongly recommend checking out Dominican Republic. It is awesome there and a lot cheaper than Hawaii lol
    1_1519411739458_5410EA1A-2A38-41FD-A929-5F82AFC5AA68.jpeg 0_1519411739449_284F3885-4FCC-4F13-8C87-9D231FA28B8F.jpeg

  • @lucifer_ I would love to see those places as well. My ultimate destination is Ireland

  • @football_m29 yeah, I heard its great budget-wise and beauty-wise

  • @football_m29 wow thats pretty .. okay ill add it to my list 😄

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