@cutekanak said in YOU UP AND FREE....WELL I GOT A CHALLENGE FOR YOU!: It was dark....dark enough to let creepy wood scare the hell out of me.....but I was the son of the high priest...i shouldn't be scared like that.....so I.... press on in the darkness until I find the stairs to the abandoned basement. I put the key inside the keyhole and turn it until I hear a clicking sound letting me know the door has been successfully opened. There was no natural lighting and the electricity wasn't installed in this part of the house, so I reach out for my pocket and use the dim light of my lighter to see where I was going. In horror I find a demonic circle drawn in the middle of the room and lots of blood. I let out a small wheeze when I heard the door being shut right behind me. I quickly move my lighter around to check if someone else was inside the room but the silence of the room makes me realize I am in deep trouble... I start to feel something pressing against my back... I think to myself how did the walls get so close to me? I'm being dragged towards the center of the demonic circle... And thus @ObviouslyLucifer was born