@OliveOlivia said in More Open Thoughts: but if we constantly steer off the path of humbleness then are we ever humble? and if we or I follow this love inside, why do we keep failing? We will never be perfectly humble no. But being human is not about being something, it is about becoming. That in itself requires humility . Being human is a process rather than a state. And if you stumble along the path of humility, and go left here, and go amiss on the right there, but always return, you will still grow eventually. The problem lies with not returning to this path, because you give up. That's where God's mercy comes in. He'll always help you get up again... but me being kind only means something to me, to others, to cruel people, kindness means nothing. Im just supposed to trust that me being kind once, even if its in a single interaction, that it is enough? It is a balancing act. You should not let them use you, you should show that you have have teeth, but then decide not to bite. This is actually the humble way. Because if you had no teeth you'd just be weak and you'd have no choice. That is not humility. Even if it seems so you cannot say for sure that kindness means nothing to people. Maybe not now, but possibly one day, when the scales fall from their eyes. There have been countless examples of former non-believers who took years and years to see god's kind actions in their lives and begin to change their lives. Did you know that religious conversion is the most successful cure for alcohol addiction? (it's no wonder that the 12 step programs originate from christian churches) And if someone converts they usually don't do that after a single act of kindness from a believer. Sorry about the examples from faith again, but in this case they really are good examples and there are literally millions out there... thank you for this, I will try to lead more with this love inside! The hard part is that it requires trust, beforehand. It is like taking a step in the dark over a cliff and not knowing that you will be caught by this love. But you will.