@Willow said in IF YOU HAD TO CHOOSE PT. 2: Alright alright. This is similar to one of my older posts. If you had to live without one... Your bed Your shoes Your pet (if you dont have a pet, replace this choice with your friend) Your fav song If you had to pick would you rather... Never be able to touch a pencil again Lose 5% of your hearing every time you touched your phone Have all of your possessions and surroundings be white Every time you eat pizza, become 5 inches shorter If you had to get rid of one of the following TWS users, which would it be? If it had to be two users, which two? @RAGNAR @Black_Beetle @jynextremist @willoww @GirlNextDoor @Sir-Devil Without Song Never touch pencil, will use pen lol Have never communicated with anyone, so no matter who remain and who leaves Btw what's ur answer for this?