I'm visiting my girlfriend in Thailand, what do I need for tourist visa?

  • I’ve been in an online relationship with a loving lady from Thailand. I met her through A Foreign Affair and we’re in a healthy relationship despite not meeting in person. We have video calls every now and then, and corresponds regularly; and because it’s the holidays… I’ve decided to visit and spend the New Year with her.
    I’m very excited! There are roughly few days left and it’s a sudden decision, so I’d like to ask for advice on getting a tourist visa. I’m a U.S. citizen and I’d like to know what are the requirements I’ll need in order to get a fast approval. But I’ve also heard that there’s no need for a visa if I’m only staying for less than a month… is this true? I really need some helpful input!

  • I’ve decided to visit and spend the New Year with her.
    Kinda late for that, eh?

    Before trying to do lowkey ad, make sure your text makes sense.

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